"Nothing Artificial about This" Neal Sofian gives his Pitch on how Tuzag can change how AI can add to the quality of life.

"Nothing Artificial about This" Neal Sofian gives his Pitch on how Tuzag can change how AI can add to the quality of life.


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Neal Sofian CEO at Tuzag Inc

Neal Sofian is CEO at Tuzag Inc is a public health professional interested in how to use technology to help people manage their health better.

Consumer behavior drives 50% of all health care costs. How we take ownership of managing ourselves a little better. Now with shiny objects but with tools that help us manage our health better, reduce costs and lead healthier lives.

Adults are always trying to find the next shiny object, the next gadget that appears to offer a panacea result. Neal says the logical use of technology can make a difference in how we take ownership of ourselves and our behavior.

Neal asks the question, how can we reach the consumer and help them take better care of themselves at different stages of life? The sad truth is, consumers are looking for the next big thing, the next ‘gogar' or gadget that will extend life for 150 years.

Certainly an unrealistic expectation. Neal and his company, Tuzag, Inc, have taken significant pains to transform an existing technology into one that can develop into a life-changing, behavioral modification tool to help people think more clearly about their daily existence.

If consumer behavior drives 50% of health care costs, that translates into a trillion and a half dollars spent annually on health care.

Imagine the net savings that are possible with training on how to take care of yourself better, how to observe your behavior and modify useless movement and other things we do every day that taken as a whole can contribute to significant savings in what we spend on medical care annually.

Neal gives an insightful demonstration around the technology uses in simple statements that encourage machine learning and deep technology referencing vast repositories of data that can be called up through technology to create meaningful connections between the machine and human learning.

This includes taking better care of ourselves, aging in place, taking better care of aging parents.

Using his device name Alexis, Neal demonstrates how neural pathways are developed in humans and how the technology can call up relevant data through conversation with the human subject.

Built on Artificial Intelligence, we can expect to see and experience changes in how we live and interact with machines.


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