"How to find Yourself on Cloud 9" Michael Brown gives his Pitch on Cloud9AI and how it specializes in using Data as a Resource in a Unique Way.

"How to find Yourself on Cloud 9" Michael Brown gives his Pitch on Cloud9AI and how it specializes in using Data as a Resource in a Unique Way.


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Michael Brown CloudNineAI

CloudNineAI is founded on key principles that affect regulatory requirements for enterprises and individuals.

CloudNineAI specializes in using data as a resource. The greater the value the greater the need to apply measured governance, tracking, protection, maintenance, and compliance. while also needing to ingest, analyze, process and retain the most sensitive information belonging to the leading companies in the world.

As the founder serving as CEO, Michael has developed, implemented, and operates Augmented Intelligence Enterprise Systems by positioning the organization to leverage the transformative opportunities that intelligence amplified presence.

Data management of Privacy Protection of individuals and meeting regulatory requirements for enterprises in the U.S. and across globe is the core competence of CloudNineAI's platform. The platform manages HR data, Financial data, Supply Chain data and Customer data. These sources are independent of each other.

The data from multiple sources is unstructured and considered dirty data which makes the data difficult to handle.

Harvesting the data then requires expertise to handle the data requires developing a data strategy to manage and deploy the results.

The final composite requires roughly 18 months to develop. CloudNineAI reduces that timeline such that the resulting data is deployed out of an academic structure and delivered through industrializing the results with a digital strategy that integrates from databases into data warehousing.

This process creates accessible forms for patient data in the form of patient records, credentialing records for doctors and nurses in the healthcare industry. This facilitates usage in cash flow records as well for hospital administration.

This process reduces the six to nine months wait time for patient record updates because data is aggravated to create ease of access and use in calculating financial output with greater accuracy. Improvements best described as efficiency in administrative and patient record updates and results. The impact on the enterprise ecosystem is a more effective use of time and effort by reducing the number of pass-throughs the data must travel through to reach a clean and ready state of accuracy and use.



Treatment schedule

Patient schedule





Research data


Mental health

Ordered databases



HR data

Digital wallet

Financial data

Supply Chain

Customer data

Biometric device

Biometric monitoring

Social security