"Toys Toys Toys" Rhonda Collins with Toycycle gives her Pitch on a unique concept to handle all the toys and items the kids have out-grown Nationwide.

"Toys Toys Toys" Rhonda Collins with Toycycle gives her Pitch on a unique concept to handle all the toys and items the kids have out-grown Nationwide.


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Rhonda Collins Toy Cycle

Toy Cycle is a firm specializing in helping parents discover alternate ways to downsize or sell children's clothing. The firm is dedicated to parents showing them how to solve the problem of recycling children's clothing and toys..

Toy Cycle is built on a full-service concierge consignment model. According to the most recent data, families spend $6,000 to $12,000 gearing up for the birth of a child. Each year as children grow parents discover the mountain of clothing that is collected almost immediately after purchase because of the rate of growth of a child.

Options for selling clothes are limited. Market places are not set up to recycle clothing, toys and other items associated with children's growth and development.

Most small sellers in the marketplace do not understand how the sales process works. Amature sellers do not always consider things like shipping information, setting a delivery date, delivering items on time letting customers know they will need to pick up an item rather than the item being shipped to the buyer. Many overlook what ‘good condition really means.

Busy parents do not have the time available to sort through outgrown clothing, packing and delivering to outlets specializing in outgrown clothing. The Toy Cycle firm closes the gap between parents with outgrown clothing and downsizing the amount of clothing and toys accumulated overtime during the growth cycle.

Toy Cycle offers curbside pickup service and the firm employs curators who are training in evaluating clothing and toys for resale.

This model helps selling families price items for resale using a meticulous evaluation process that assures items are in good condition and ready to be resold.

Toy Cycle has curated over 2,800 products with only 4 returns since 2019 which represents a 0.148% return rate.Toy Cycle builds in a quality control model that assures buyers and sellers confidence in the Toy Cycle model.

The toy and clothing resale market represents a $25 billion market representing growth for many years to come.




Revenue model



Curbside pickup

Return rate