"Get a Kick out of Lipkick" The founders of Joiant present their new Cannabis based products that will make you smile. This pitch has a KICK.

"Get a Kick out of Lipkick" The founders of Joiant present their new Cannabis based products that will make you smile. This pitch has a KICK.


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Joiant, the direct to consumer, luxury cannabis brand, is excited to announce its new product launch featuring LIPKICK, a pioneering THC infused lip cosmetic. LIPKICK is where hedonism, luxury cosmetics, and the wellness benefits of the marijuana plant intersect.

Joiant, the maker of the first branded CBD pre rolls, is re-launching its successful line of THC and CBD pre-rolls in customized, individually sized servings.

LIPKICK is a solid oil cannabis product for the lips, geared for anyone in pursuit of a healthy, hedonistic lifestyle.

A groundbreaking product introduced at a crucial time in the fast-growing cannabis industry, LIPKICK is made in Italy and packed with nourishing essential ingredients. The solid lip oil is then injected with Joiant's unique blend of cannabis containing THC, CBD and THCV at our finishing factory in Berkeley, California.

Joiant uses new technology to infuse a cosmetic made in Italy with California cannabis

Once applied to the lips and safely absorbed into the bloodstream, LIPKICK provides the health benefits of CBD alongside a gentle feeling of euphoria from its THC component.

The result is an enhanced, yet controlled, mood and feeling of motivation. Think of it as an elevator, not a slide, a buzz, not a blur. A discrete sweep of the lips brings a smile to the face and renewed focus, energy, and vigor to work, play or any occasion.

LIPKICK breaks stereotypes often associated with cannabis consumers:

LIPKICK includes the THCV cannabinoid which has been shown in studies to diminish the so-called ‘munchies' or cravings that can be brought on by cannabis.

LIPKICK is genderless. It is made in a clear gloss, as well as in four key color palettes. The product is packaged in a sophisticated bullet container.

One application of LIPKICK provides approximately 5-7 mg of THC/CBD, or what is considered a ‘social' dose. LIPKICK is safe to reapply at will.

“LIPKICK is an innovative way for anyone to enhance their cannabis experience with a luxury cosmetic product –for the hedonist with a love of conditioned and polished lips.” - Sonia Nava - Chief Marketing Officer, Joiant.

The team behind LIPKICK has a truly international flare, bringing together top talent in beauty, cosmetics, technology, and cannabis. LIPKICK is made in Italy by Gotha Cosmetics, the manufacturer of such luxury cosmetics lines: Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, Fenty and Lancôme, under the direction of beauty advisor Boris Cavlina ; LIPKICK is finished with Joiant's THC/CBD/THCV blend, sourced by our cannabis advisors, Rusty Wilenkin, Charlie Cangialosi and Susan Gentile, at our factory in California by an engineer, Elvis McGovern of Cannabis Extracts. LIPKICK will be marketed as a gender-neutral premium lip product under our business advisor, former Chief Merchant of Sephora, and founder of Valdé Cosmetics, Margarita Arriagada. Our new eCommerce platform designed in Italy provides consumers with a welcoming, familiar, intuitive and luxury shopping experience. J

oiant has partnered with Gotha Cosmetics, Kooma E-Commerce and Cannabis Extracts, under the overall direction of CEO & founder Lindsey Kirk, Lip Kick founder and CMO, Sonia Nava, and Chairman of the board, Robert Lomnitz.

Joiant's LIPKICK is part of a broader revamp and expansion, resulting in redeveloped individual use pre-rolled joints and a new approach to sales, with the launch of our e-commerce site. Joiant's new pre-rolls are mini-sized and tailored for single consumer use. The focus on personal prerolls is rooted in the current world climate of protection and protection, many would prefer not to share their joints, or germs, hence our ‘party for one' approach.

“Our business model of distribution through dispensaries was not allowing us to properly develop our vision of innovative products and a direct relationship with our customers. Over the past four months, we have expanded our team, redeveloped our products and changed our distribution strategy to create a shopping experience similar to that of traditional luxury fashion.” Lindsey Kirk, CEO, Joiant.

Joiant pre-rolls come in packs of three, five and ten and are made of the highest quality biomass, sourced from responsible growers. Our customers can now personalize their experience with our three blends:

20:1 is a CBD dominate with 20 parts CBD to one-part THC

1:1 is equal parts CBD to THC

5:1 is 5 parts THC to one part CBD

With its new product lines, Joiant, reaffirms its status as a hedonistic brand, targeted to the sophisticated, active, and responsible consumer.

Joiant is committed to using sustainable and biodegradable packaging. Our LIP KICK containers are made entirely from recycled ocean plastic.

Joiant was originally established in 2016 as Prism Farms, maker of the first branded CBD pre-roll in California. In 2018, under its new name, Joiant, it was the number one seller of pre rolls according to BDS Analytics