"Lock the Door Behind You" Tom MacNamara is an expert in the area of data protection. Here you will discover inovative ways to protect your business

"Lock the Door Behind You" Tom MacNamara is an expert in the area of data protection. Here you will discover inovative ways to protect your business


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Tom MacNamara, Apex Privacy

As a founder of Apex Privacy, Tom is an experienced data privacy officer and legal compliance consultant. He specializes in IT, Finance and Heath. He is a certified information privacy professional and information privacy manager from the international association of privacy professionals.

Tom helps small businesses understand and use in their businesses, data, data privacy and data protection.

Because investors are becoming more interested in how data is gathered, used and protected, startups will encounter more questions and inquiries into how the startup manages data. Of specific concern to the investors is the legal structures implemented around data and data collection.

Understanding data privacy laws is now a requirement for startups and businesses.

Investors will ask startups touted as the next big thing in data, Is it legal? Will you be legal in 5 years' time? Startup owners in this field will need to be thoroughly grounded in trends involving data and data privacy.

How you comply without hamstringing your business will be the next big thing where data management is concerned.

Personal data as related to individuals is coming under increasing scrutiny, According to Tom this is best to look at the International Framework of Privacy by Design.

There are seven principles to consider when creating products and services. This contributes to the integrity of data collection, and how the information will be used. Data minimization is an interesting one because it suggests your firm is only collecting a minimal amount of data to achieve your results.

Startups will need to understand their data and begin to employ techniques like data mapping much like a customer journey map and data inventory.


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