"Big SNACK under Glass" Duncan Burns shows us how to serve healthy snacks on the table. Keeping Fruits and Vegitables for many times longer and within reach. The ultimate snack under glass

"Big SNACK under Glass" Duncan Burns shows us how to serve healthy snacks on the table. Keeping Fruits and Vegitables for many times longer and within reach. The ultimate snack under glass


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Duncan Burns, founder of VeggieDome

Duncan burns is an inventor creator CEO and founder of VeggieDome. He cares very much about the health problems in America and the world he says we have an obesity crisis our family our friends for decades in pain through nutrition and he has invented a product called veggie Dome which keeps vegetables fresh out on the table easier to eat and good for you.

I found the Veggie Dome is a way that looks at the biology of the plants. It solves that problem because this enables some to have what they need to survive and it also puts in the center of the room so here you go you've got these desolately washed and you just reach in and grab it there's clunking noise throughout the day you know somebody's having something good for it and having a good snack or making a one minute cell so it really becomes a convenient way to keep vegetables and also eating something that's really healthy this more and more research out there showing that vegetables and fresh produce is really a way in which we can boost our immunity systems we can reverse heart disease even if you really get serious about eating vegetables there's a lot of research out there so this is a device that also makes it so that it's easy I'm thinking I better take a look at this and I did a successful Indiegogo and at that time also I had made some patents and design patents which are you know good to have.

I'm raising $1,000,000 that's going to be 60 to 70% of that money goes straight for inventory it's gonna be on the shelves six months later.

it's the proof of product that we still are going towards to understand that you're attempting to or are producing this in the US is that right we are attempting to it's really difficult 'cause how all the hundreds of glassmakers that are in the United States there are only three that are really able to do this this design it's a very special piece of glass glass makers like in the United states there making all these little tiny bottles medicine bottles and stuff so the answer to your question is we're not firm on it.

When we raise that $1,000,000 we will be able to have that eight-month period where the product is being made and brought to the shelves to be able to really retool and get the tools ready for our marketing get those strategic partnerships in a place so that in terms of that first 12 month period eight months of it we will have time where the product is, we can still be doing some tests on it but we will be getting ready with all of these relationships that have been now growing for the last four years but in the 18 month period then we will also be on then QVC and that's a great way to get known.

We get a little bit of trial with the as seen on TV people which we might revisit so there's your broadcast media also with the plant-based network television which they already when wanted to be able to put our product for front and put ads on as a partnership with us so that would be good.





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