"A strat-up mentor unlike any you have ever met" Abeed Janmohammad Startup Developer takes us down the road to start-up success.

"A strat-up mentor unlike any you have ever met" Abeed Janmohammad Startup Developer takes us down the road to start-up success.


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Abeed Janmohammad Startup Developer

I worked for startups most of my career save being acquired in 2007 by ESPN and helping build-out and launch ESPN, still a business in Europe.

Over the years, we built it up and we now work with companies from the seed stage sometimes pre-revenue but predominantly early revenue early traction all up to series B series C private equity investment where we basically help them accelerate their growth in the early stage helping put the foundations and structures in a place to scale a bit further down the journey help them with their acquisition strategy help them where they've got a bump in the road and might need to think about things like differently as they kind of go for that exponential growth add cultural values and some of those slightly softer things that people forget about sometimes.

I think of all the people that I met between 2007 and 2010 at my time there and you know we're still bound by one thing will Disney alarm there's a real kind of real sense of belonging you know is in that kind of cultural values pieces in the alignment of ambition to vision and sometimes if there's one or two founders a lot of the time they won't have had the difficult conversation around the water that you know what do you want and sometimes they won't have had that conversation so part of our job was to help them have that conversation understand each other I understand the senior management team and understand what they were looking for 'cause everyone comes from different backgrounds. having reviewed your business plan having multiple numbers and all of those things that we give you our view almost like a diagnostic on your business an unused team as individuals help you understand some of the things that you need to think about you know we provide you almost like a traffic light diagnostic red and green covering the cool parts of your business from organizational cultural values revenue marketing technology etc and give you a sense of from our perspective and through the lens of perhaps how an acquirer might think about you further down the line because one of the questions will ask is also who do you think will acquire the business?

I've spoke founders of US weapons who want to build 100 million $100 million company and like do you know what that kind of company looks like and a lot of the time they go not really well that's you know five markets it's this number of people it's this is that they go wow I'm like do you feel like you've got the structures? what we're doing is trying to go right well here's a framework and here's the information that's in your head but all over here just trying to basically, take it all out and put it into a jigsaw puzzle and just go right this is the ordering us to go in because you're thinking about it and it's in your head but you're not thinking about it in in a way that makes sense for you to be able to then go OK fine I know how to get from A to B or A to D and that's part of the journey that we take with companies.

When we call a growth plan which will help you create and Co-create that with you and then we help you every quarter execute on that growth plan for normally 12 to 18 months and what we find is where we set up you know we set expectations with the business and sometimes it will take who can say no six months at the lowest end so probably you know sometimes 12 to 18 months for businesses to get to get to the stage where they feel like they are In a really good cadence and and executing on that on that thing so a lot of companies will stay with us probably for 18 months maybe 24 months and at that point, we love sometimes we say right you know we've done what we need to do here you guys are you guys are in great shape.


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