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The National Police Association is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded to educate supporters of law enforcement in how to help police departments accomplish their goals. The National Police Association Podcast, website and social media sites provide up to date information on law enforcement news, issues, and challenges.

National Police Association Podcast 36 Tributes paid to a fatally wounded Missouri police officer, NPA supports Portland Police in court, and former governor trying to regain his reputation after being the victim of political prosecution


01:48 "'Chris died a hero, rushing in without regard to his own safety to protect members of his community. His courageous actions serve as an example to us all,' Williams said in a statement."

06:38 "The NPA advocates the use of force by police when public safety is jeopardized by anti-police organizations such as Antifa and their sympathizers."

08:03 "Apparently cutting off the taxpayer-funded gravy train pissed off a lot of insiders. They soon conspired with the help of newly elected St Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner, to bring Greitens down."

13:14 "The irony of course, is that Ms. Gardner, in weaponizing government power against her political adversaries and bringing false charges that resulted in bringing down a duly elected governor, may have committed the very violations that the law was designed to prevent."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Springfield pays tributes to Police Officer Christopher Walsh, 32, who died after sustaining injuries in a gas station shooting. The motive of the shooter remains unknown and is still under investigation.

In Portland, city lawyers urged the judge to toss out a lawsuit that claims police condone fascists. They called this claim "outrageous".

And lastly, former governor Eric Greiten regains his reputation after being exonerated of all wrongdoing. His accusers now face possible prison time for falsely accusing him and forcing him from office.



00:26 Springfield pays tribute to slain officer in gas station shooting

03:15 NPA backs lawyers' call to junk lawsuit claiming police condone fascists

06:48 Former Governor Eric Greiten exonerated after 20-month investigation




National Police Association Podcast #35 Officers who stopped a mass shooter cleared, Utah federal prosecutor slams weak state sentencing, and Officers stop man charging at them with knife


01:15 "The officers 'quite reasonably believed that they needed to use deadly force to protect innocent lives, and their own, from Legan's violent rampage,' Deputy Dist. Atty. Rob Baker wrote in the report."

04:26 "That's a direct result of the federal initiative, according to Huber, who criticized lawmakers for not allowing for more harsh sentencing guidelines for repeat offenders. The federal court system, he argued, allows for stiffer punishments for those with a criminal record who are caught with illegal firearms and large amounts of drugs."

06:36 "If a case is dismissed without prejudice, the charges are closed but can be reopened if a prosecuting agency sees fit. By taking this process, federal prosecutors effectively have a safety net in the event that their prosecutions are not successful; they can send the case back to state courts if needed."

09:11 "Mercado was shot by officers after dispatchers received a call saying a man with a knife was looking into cars in the area. When officers arrived, Mercado walked toward them with a folding knife in hand. Allred wrote that the officers shouted to Mercado to drop the knife a total of 23 times before they began firing their service weapons."

11:02 "He reportedly asked Mercado if he was OK, to which Mercado replied, “Yeah, are you OK?” The witness reportedly tried to ask Mercado if he was lost, but he did not respond to any other questions. The witness told police he felt “uncomfortable” so he decided to call police."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, 3 officers who stopped a mass shooter during the Gilroy Garlic Festival have been cleared of charges. Similarly, the 4 officers involved with the fatal shooting of an Ogden man have also been cleared of charges.

Also, U.S. Attorney Huber criticized state officials and championed the effectiveness of Project Safe Neighborhoods in keeping violent criminals off the streets.



00:22 3 officers who stopped mass murder at Gilroy Garlic Festival cleared of charges

03:35 U.S. Attorney Huber chides Utah state officials and champions PSN

08:39 Cops in the controversial Ogden case cleared by the Weber County Atttorney




National Police Association Podcast #34 Trooper shot during traffic stop, Officer wounded in 2018 makes return to the streets, and Idaho repeat offender faces life in prison


00:57 "As the troopers attempted to place Ransom into custody, he pulled out a handgun and shot one of the troopers, Pennsylvania state police said. PennLive reported that Ransom allegedly opened fire and wounded training officer Trooper Jason Brindle despite being handcuffed at the time."

03:10 "The knife was presented, while fending off that attack, Officer Russell was stabbed during that process and he tried to end the fight by firing, discharging his firearm, and unfortunately during that incident I was the lucky recipient of one of his rounds," says Officer Atkinson during an exclusive interview with Channel 8 Eyewitness News on Monday."

07:22 "'He was clearly armed and not only put our deputy's life at risk,' but others as well, Ivey said. Within moments, multiple Sheriff's Office sport utility vehicles were seen blocking off the highway and roped off the area adjacent to a 7-Eleven convenience store with yellow crime scene tape."

10:09 "The female officer placed Allsop in a neck hold and he responded by rapidly standing up and flipping her over his body causing her to strike her head on the gas station parking lot's pavement, police said."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, law enforcement troopers and deputies face-off with violent suspects. In Pennsylvania, a DUI traffic stop turned into a shooting when the handcuffed suspect produced a gun and shot Trooper Jason Brindle.

In Brevard County, Florida, a carjacking suspect was shot by a responding deputy, bringing an end to the drama which lasted several hours. And in Pocatello, a man faces life in prison for brawling with officers where he attempted to gain control of a service firearm and flipping over a female officer who hit her head on the pavement.



00:22 Pennsylvania: Handcuffed suspect shoots state trooper during DUI stop

02:48 Lincoln officer shot in 2018 is back on duty

04:36 Brevard deputy shoots violent carjacking suspect

08:16 Man with heroin in SUV brawls with Pocatello officers, faces life behind bars




National Police Association Podcast #33 Milwaukee police prepare for Democratic National Convention


03:13 "Milwaukee is already receiving funds from Operation Relentless Pursuit, a federal effort to combat violent crime. The government will initially allocate $71 million to begin the operation across seven U.S. cities. Additional law enforcement funding may come from bills introduced by legislative Republicans' ‘tougher on crime' initiative, including $5 million in grants to combat carjackings."

04:31 “Mayes questions the moves to inflate law enforcement in the city. 'All this for the ‘protection' of the downtown, meanwhile if the rest of the city had that much to invest in the issues in the city seriously, they wouldn't need it to spend on perceived threats to wealthy visitors,' says Mayes. I'm absolutely concerned with the department using their new toys to target and intimidate residents and community leadership, mainly because they've done it consistently already.”

08:05 "Goyke doesn't necessarily disapprove of grant purchases by police being allowed to remain in the city, but he adds a major caveat. 'So long as it makes us a better, more welcoming community,' said Goyke, 'And that residents are not further targets of enhanced, saturated policing.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Milwaukee is in the spotlight as a heavy police force has been deployed for the Democratic National Convention as the city is poised to receive $50 million more in federal grants.

There are many reactions to the developments, from local officials saying they have no say in the decision to deploy a militarized security force, to activists warning of the threats this new military hardware poses to local citizens long after the convention is done.



00:17 Milwaukee DNC surprises with heavy police force presence

03:45 Activists react to law enforcement deployment

07:19 DOJ insists on existing safeguards to track grant funds




National Police Association Podcast #32 Husband and wife off duty police officers stop armed robbery and New Portland Police policies prevent Klan rally violence


02:06 "'No -- I'm gonna help my husband!' she said. Surveillance video shows what happened next. With weapons drawn, both officers rush to confront Carter. He can be seen dropping the weapon and running out the door, but the husband and wife duo pursued him. They held him at gunpoint a few blocks away until LMPD officers arrived to arrest him."

04:03 "In the past, right-wing would-be leaders have seemingly exploited clashes with Portland left-wing counter-protesters as a tactic to raise their profile, intentionally walking into hostile crowds to spark a backlash that is captured on video. Often turning violent, such protests have fueled millions of dollars of expenses in police overtime."

05:23 "Howard, for his part, denies several aspects of the police report documenting conversations with him — for instance, that he doesn't have an address in Vancouver, that he flew in from out of town in advance of the rally, that he intended to fly KKK members in from other states and that he has a warrant out for his arrest in the state of Washington. 'I don't know where that's coming from,' he said."

11:04 "Though Howard did not show up on Feb. 8, others did, including about 200 protesters, many wearing black 'anti-fascist,' or 'antifa'-style masks. Police seemed to show little sympathy for those who appeared to try to provoke them, and three arrests were made."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, an off-duty husband and wife duo foiled a would-be robbery at Raising Cane's, holding the suspect at gunpoint until backup arrived.

And in Portland, Oregon, police forces deny a Ku Klux Klan protest attempt. The organizer, who has a complicated history with law enforcement, decided not to attend. However, supporters still arrived and police made three arrests.



00:20 Off-duty husband and wife cops foil robbery at Raising Cane's

03:21 Portland police deny KKK protest citing violence

11:04 Protesters and police clash anyway




National Police Association Podcast # 31 Salt Lake City officer shot by murder suspect, Two Arkansas officer shot stopping gunman at Walmart, N New York Cops speak out after two officers shot within 12 hours


01:48 "Two SLCPD officers engaged the suspect and returned fire from the exterior of the apartment into the interior of the building, the affidavit states. Police say Nance and police exchanged gunfire through a front window. When officers entered the apartment, they found Thurber dead with a gunshot wound to the head, the affidavit states."

04:24 "Sources at the Forrest City Police Department identified the suspect as 40-year-old Bobby Gibbs and said he was dead. According to the Forrest City Police Department, Lt. Eric Varner and Detective Eugene Watlington were called to the store at 10:24 a.m. after Gibbs began making threats, saying he was going to blow up the Walmart. He was approached by the officers and thatís when the suspect reportedly opened fire, striking both."

06:56 "Mayor Bill de Blasio is front and center, but other politicians are being criticized for not doing enough to end anti-cop bias. 'I know you will all join me in keeping our officers in your thoughts and prayers,' de Blasio said Monday, beginning his Albany budget testimony with a nod to the horrific events in the 41st precinct. Three cops were injured in what police officials have called an attempted assassination."

08:17 "Other police union leaders are troubled by all the elected officials in the state for enacting anti-cop legislation, including the controversial bail reform laws. They want changes. 'It sends a terrible message unto the community. It promotes criminal activity with no consequences,' said Detectives Benevolent Association President Paul DiGiacamo. 'The people who sufferÖ are the people out there enforcing the law.'"

11:21 "David Headings said Monday that his son was on his way to work and stopped at the scene and fired a shot at Reed, who may have then committed suicide. An investigation is continuing. 'He was on his way to work and saw it and the guy was shooting at him,' David Headings said from his winter home in Georgia. 'He engaged with the guy but the guy shot at him twice and (Jemel) shot one time.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a Salt Lake City officer responds to a domestic violence call, only to find the suspect's girlfriend shot dead. The suspect then goes on a shootout with police, attempts suicide and fails. He is now in being treated and will be charged with murder.

In Forrest City, Arkansas, two officers stop a gunman at Walmart who declared he would blow up the place. The suspect was killed. And in New York City, the latest violence against 2 police officers who were shot by the same suspect is again raising questions against Mayor de Blasio and his apparent reluctance to end anti-cop bias.

Lastly, Jemel Headings, the off-duty officer who shot and may have killed the murderer of a Florida State Trooper, has been identified as the son of the Battle Creek Police Chief.



00:24 Salt Lake City: Man murders girlfriend, attempts suicide & shoots police

04:13 Shooting at Forrest City Walmart ends with 1 suspect dead

06:48 Latest Bronx shooting raises questions about Mayor de Blasio & anti-cop bias

10:21 Off-duty officer who shot at cop killer identified as son of Battle Creek police chief




National Police Association Podcast #30 Rappers charged with felony battery on police officers, and Officer back on duty a year after being shot with an assault rifle


02:00 "Authorities said Williams was leaving the party when he pushed the arm of a female officer carrying a rifle before lowering his shoulder into a second officer. After being arrested, he told police he didn't remember confronting the officers, adding that it wouldn't have happened 'if he wasn't so drunk,' Rudolfi said."

02:55 "Chicago police posted two photos on social media displaying 25 handguns, two semi-automatic rifles and numerous gun magazines seized at the party. Police noted that a fifth person had been taken into custody but was released without charges. Police said they were trying to determine whether any of the seized weapons were connected to crimes."

04:41 "While on patrol more than a year ago, Hird was shot by a dangerous felon with an AK-47. The blemish near his flag tattoo is the smallest reminder of the 7.62-caliber bullet that tore through his right arm. Hird has been shot twice before, once in military combat, but the bullet fired from a dark street corner in Daytona Beach's Midtown neighborhood has by far had the greatest impact for the giant of a lawman."

07:09 "'It's just the nature of the beast,' Hird said. But Nikolow said, taking the type of gun into account, Hird's is a rare story of survival. 'The caliber of round from an AK-47 does a lot of damage. Not many people get hit by a round like that and live to tell it,' Nikolow said. 'He is lucky to be alive.'"

12:47 "Hird said his right arm is 70% functional and keeps improving. He said the shooting has made him more alert while on patrol. He holds no animosity against Roberts, the felon and trigger man, who changed his life with an illegal firearm."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, 4 rappers in an overcrowded Airbnb were charged with felony battery on police officers. Illegal weapons were also found in the scene.

Also, Daytona Beach Police Officer Kevin Hird has recovered from an AK-47 shot that tore through his right arm. His story as a patriot and a public servant stretches back from his time in the military after high school.



00:21 4 men in Airbnb rap video charged with battery; illegal weapons found

03:44 Daytona Beach Officer Kevin Hird recovers from AK-47 bullet wound

10:15 Kevin Hird's patriotism and dedication to service




National Police Association Podcast #29 Increasing penalties for fleeing police, Reserve police officers recognized and Controversial prosecutor withdraws charges on man arrested for attacking police


01:36 "The sheriff believes there is not a strict enough punishment for drivers who run from police. 'It's nothing to them. A lot of people don't care. We've had people actually tell us, well, I'll just pay my fine. No big deal. But if there are some serious consequences for their actions, they'll think twice, maybe three or four times before they do it again,' Rutherford said."

03:09 "Many of the Police Reserve Officers have been with the SBPD for several years. Reserve Officers predominantly maintain regular jobs and careers outside of the Department, but there are a few who are retired full-time officers who continue their service to the SBPD in this capacity."

07:42 "The commitment and sacrifices made to be a member of these units is high, but rewarding! Reserve Captain Warren Scheibe indicated that the Reserve Unit donated 4,500 hours, representing over $216,000 of cost savings to the city. 1,500 hours were donated by the Citizen Patrol Unit, which represents about $72,000 of cost savings to the city."

12:18 "I firmly believe there should be an investigation into the shooting that happened, Breed said. 'That said, our Police Department has worked diligently to implement reforms to reduce officer-involved shootings and to be more transparent with the community. I believe holding people accountable in our city starts with holding ourselves accountable.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a new West Virginia law aims to increase penalties for suspects who flee from police.

In San Bernardino, California, the police department recognizes the efforts and dedication of its police reserves and citizen patrol.

And in San Francisco, a controversial prosecutor withdraws a criminal complaint versus Jamaica Hampton who attacked police previously. The police union has renewed calls for the criminal complaint to continue.



00:23 West Virginia law to increase penalty for running from police

02:43 San Berardino honors police reserves and citizen patrol

08:10 SF police union: Press criminal complaint versus Jamaica Hampton




National Police Association Podcast #28 Officer shot while confronting robbery suspects, Retired trooper killed and Man attempts to run over two officers


00:24 "A Birmingham police officer was shot Sunday morning when he confronted two robbery suspects. A 16-year-old is the accused shooter. The officer - identified as narcotics Det. John Finke - was hit twice in the abdomen. What was initially believed to be a third wound was a ricochet."

02:59 "The ordeal began at 9:22 a.m. when a report of robbery of two people was dispatched over the radio. 'Our officers heard the call as it came out,' Smith said. 'The officer confronted the suspects and we had an officer-involved shooting.'"

04:59 "We believe we have the right suspects in custody based upon the series of events, the description the officer gave before he went into surgery, the description the victims gave of the suspects involved and the fact they were found in the vehicle described by the officer as well as victims, Smith said."

08:34 "The woman draws a handgun, shoots one victim in the head and then fires several rounds at the other two victims, the department said, before turning the gun on herself. One of the victims, 51-year-old retired Illinois State Police Trooper Gregory Rieves succumbed to his injuries in a nearby hospital, Illinois State Police said."

11:12 "The Kia Soul driver, later identified as Kelly, accelerated directly at the officers and the pulled-over driver so the officers fired their guns at him as he allegedly tried to run them over, police said."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a Birmingham detective responding to a robbery is shot by twice by a 16-year old suspect. Det. John Finke remains in critical condition.

In Ilinois, a retired trooper was shot dead by a woman inside a cigar lounge without any apparent provocation. Two other victims are in serious but stable condition. And in Livermore, a suspect who tried to run over two police officers get slapped with several counts of attempted murder.



00:21 Birmingham detective critical after teenage robbery suspect shoots him twice

08:08 Woman shoots ex-trooper dead in a cigar lounge

10:05 Man who tried to run over 2 cops charged with attempted murder




National Police Association Podcast #27 Terminated deputy reinstated, Crime lab result will identify killer and Police department valor award


00:35 "The deputy, Arthur Wallin was fired last October because

Trenary said the shooting of suspect Nickolas Michael Peters, 24,

violated the agency's policy's. However, Snohomish County Prosecuting

Attorney Adam Cornell ruled that the shooting was justified because

Peters engaged in reckless behavior and failed to respond to commands

to show his hands."

03:17 "As Pataskala police investigate the case, Boals said, the

biggest challenge has been the children who could be potential

witnesses have autism, so 'being able to interview them and get good

answers hasn't been an easy task.'"

04:36 "In a call to 911, Mary Massuros told the dispatcher her 6-yearold son found a gun left out and she believed the shooting happened

about two hours before it was discovered and authorities were called."

07:07 "Heimann noted he attempted to find a clear point to deploy an

electric stun gun on Kamien after the man punched him at least twice

on the right side of his face, but could not. Instead, Kamien

eventually yelled that he gave up and was handcuffed."

07:22 "Hill faces a felony charge for possession of methamphetamine

and misdemeanor charges of resisting an officer and bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, Hill was apprehended with about 5

grams of methamphetamine in his pocket after a struggle with


10:39 "Daly presented Clifton with a Commendation for Valor, the

highest honor the police department can bestow. It represented

Clifton's actions to protect his fellow officers at great personal

risk. A Citation for Bravery was awarded to Lt. Joseph Sadoff, and

officers Keith Robbins, Andrew Graff and Kevin Oswald. Each

commendation cited their individual actions."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Deputy

Arthur Wallin, who was fired last year for fatally shooting a violent

suspect, is reinstated as a fully-commissioned deputy sheriff K9


In Pataskala, police are leaning on lab results to put a close on the

case of a toddler's fatal shooting. In Ho-Chunk, two men were arrested

for dealing meth and battery of an officer at a casino.

And in Springfield, Police Chief Joseph Daly continued his practice of

commending officers before the Board of Commissioners, presenting a

Commendation for Valor to Officer Sean Clifton.



00:20 Deputy gets reinstated, shooting case ruled as justified

02:22 Police lean on lab results to close case on toddler's shooting

05:20 Ho-Chunk: Police arrest 2 men for meth dealing in a casino

08:39 Springfield Police Chief Joseph Daly commends officers for valor




National Police Association Podcast #26 Two police officers killed responding to a call for help, Mystery of police officer found shot to death in abandoned car and Deputy foils armed robbery


00:49 "The suspect, who officials have identified as Jaroslav 'Jerry'

Hanel, continued to fire at police as they ran for cover, also fatally

hitting Kaulike Kalama, who had been with the department for nine

years, Ballard said. More officers rushed to the neighborhood and saw

'thick black smoke' coming out of the home, complicating an already

chaotic, fluid crime scene."

01:59 "In total, the blaze destroyed seven homes and several others

sustained smoke and fire damage. Ballard said it will take days to

comb through the wreckage and charred rubble. Three people, the 69-

year-old suspect and two women, are still unaccounted for. Authorities

believe Hanel died in the fire, but will continue to search for the

alleged gunman until they recover his remains."

04:52 "According to the attorney, Cain had befriended Hanel and wanted

to help him out despite his erratic behavior. She allowed him to live

in the lower floor and to do repair work in exchange for rent."

05:43 "The man found shot to death inside an abandoned vehicle on

Lainier Driver last week was a newly-minted New Roads police officer

who had spent the past several years working as a bounty hunter, two

jobs his family worried could place him in danger."

09:59 "The suspects, all of whom are from Milledgeville, were

identified as Benita Sha'ty-rone Kelsey, 25; Kemontaye Jashawn Smith,

20; and Justin Malikk Fleming, 19. All three suspects are jailed in

the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center. Warrants were obtained by a

Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent against the three suspects for

armed robbery."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Honolulu,

Hawaii witnessed a gunman go wild as he stabbed his landlord, fatally

shot two responding police officers, and set fire to homes. The

suspect is believed to have died in the ensuing blaze.

In Baton Rouge, a long-time bounty hunter who recently joined the New

Roads police force is found fatally shot inside an abandoned vehicle.

There are no suspects as of yet.

Also, a deputy in the right place and the right time held armed

robbers of a gasoline station at gunpoint until backup arrived. In

total, three suspects were arrested.



00:22 Chaos in Hawaii: Gunman stabs landlord, shoots 2 officers &

torches 7 houses

05:40 Bounty hunter turned officer is found dead in an abandoned


09:19 Deputy walks in on armed robbery, holds suspects at gunpoint




National Police Association Podcast #25 SWAT Team takes down barricaded suspect, Cops versus armed sovereign citizen and Officer involved shootings


00:34 "According to Deputy Commissioner Robin Wimberly, parole

officers were attempting to serve a warrant on 42-year-old Claude Fain

on Thursday afternoon. When the agents approached him, he immediately

ran toward his home the 4600 block of Hawthorne Street and shouted,

'I'm going to kill all three of you."

02:58 "Edwin Roman, 36, of Bristol, Conn., was arrested in December

2018 near the intersection of Mill Street and North Park Drive. Police

say Roman, who has for several months been uncooperative during court

hearings and at one point being thrown out, initially told officers he

had no weapons, only to be found with a chambered .45-caliber


06:45 "A sovereign citizen is identified in various publications as

someone who believes the American government was, at some point,

secretly replaced by an illegitimate corporate government based on

admiralty law."

08:09 "When officers arrived less than five minutes later, Doll said,

the man pointed the crossbow at them near Huffman and Industry Way.

Two officers fired their weapons and the man was shot in the leg. Doll

said police were still determining if the man fired the crossbow."

10:24 "After identifying themselves, the officers ordered Wilson to

drop the firearm. The police department said Wilson didn't listen to

the commands, and ran toward the officers while pointing his gun at

them. The two officers fired their weapons, striking Wilson."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a SWAT

team gets into a shootout with and a barricaded suspect. Also, the

legality of a search and seizure by 3 Newton officers is questioned

and a judge expected to render a decision on Tuesday.

In Anchorage, Alaska, a man has been charged for pointing a loaded

crossbow at officers to which officers responded with shots fired.

While in Tampa, a man armed with a gun ran towards officers and was

shot. The suspect is in stable condition.



00:21 Swat team engage barricaded man, suspect killed

02:42 Stop, search and seizure of 3 Newton officers questioned in


07:26 Man points crossbow at officers, suffers non-lifethreatening


09:42 Armed Tampa man who rushes police is shot




National Police Association Podcast #24 Cop killer asks for parole, Officer shoots in defense of her family, and Fallen officers recognized with memorial


01:05 "So they went to a gun shop and bought $200 in ammunition to

take home with them, Murderpedia reported. Then Vodochodsky called 911

for help while his co-defendant set up to wait with his gun for

responding units so that he could systematically kill the officers."

04:02 “The smirking coward below will come up for parole in March of

this year,” Sheriff Soward continued. “I have initiated a campaign to

give the friends and family of these three officers more justice and

peace of mind and keep Vodochodsky in prison as long as possible."

05:00 "Bishop fired her CMPD-issued gun after multiple people

approached the couple in a south Charlotte parking lot just after

midnight and tried to rob her husband at gunpoint, according to a CMPD

news release. At least one of them “returned fire before fleeing,”

police said in the release."

06:07 "A police officer was taken to hospital and another person has

died after a tense confrontation in the heart of South Beach led to

the officer's stabbing and ended with law enforcers opening fire,

officials said."

06:27 "Cellphone video recorded by a tourist shows 4 Miami Beach

police officers pointing their guns at a man. Seconds later, audio

from the cellphone video captured a pop, suggesting the man had been

shocked with tazer by one of the officers and the officers are seen

rushing in and surrounding the man. Moments later, at least 20

gunshots are heard."

09:13 "One edifice recognizes officer Corona, 22, who was shot and

killed the night of Jan. 10, 2019, while assisting at the scene of a

car crash at 5th and D streets. The gunman rode up on a bicycle and

opened fire. He later took his own life after being cornered by


09:40 "The second memorial honors Douglas Cantrill, who was shot and

killed on Sept. 7, 1959. Cantrill Drive, where the Davis Police

Department is located, is named in his honor. Like that of Corona,

Cantrill had only been working a few months for Davis police."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a threetime

cop killer is up for parole while a sheriff lobbies against it, a

man and 2 teens shoot an off-duty south Charlotte cop.

Also, in Miami Beach, an officer is stabbed and the assailant killed,

and fallen officers are memorialized at Davis Police Department.



00:21 Accomplice to triple cop murder up for parole

04:43 27-year-old and 2 teens arrested for shooting off-duty cop

06:04 Miami Beach officers stand off with knife-wielding man, 1 dead

08:28 2 fallen police officers memorialized




National Police Association Podcast #23 Police action shootings and other defensive actions


01:32 "Harren went through the house onto the balcony to get Janovsky but Janovsky fled, going onto the roof of an attached garage and crossing to the other side of the house facing the front driveway. The complaint says Janovsky fired at Harren and missed. Janovsky then fired at Matson, who was in the driveway, and shot him in the head."

03:56 "The welcome back event will be held at the department headquarters. There will be a private celebration for Ainsworth. Ainsworth was shot in the neck at least once on. He went into surgery after the shooting. He spent considerable time recovering at WakeMed and was released in April."

06:04 "They encountered 34-year-old Paul Robinson in the backyard, holding a semi-automatic weapon to his neck, police said. He retreated to a shed and made two requests: that the woman he attacked come to the backyard and see him, and that officers kill him, according to police."

08:09 "It's unknown at this time how many shots were fired, but Swain has wounds on his neck, upper arm, shoulder and ear, according to Lane. Lane says from the time deputies arrived on scene to the time Swain surrendered took about one minute. As first responders were air-lifting Swain to the hospital, he repeatedly asked them to "kill him."

10:16 "Cooley and a female passenger fled into a house at 3610 Marigold St., where he fatally shot himself, the district attorney said. The passenger, identified as Maria Lerma, was shot by police and transported to the hospital. She survived her bullet wound."

10:56 "The fence was built to keep officers and employees out of the public's sight to avoid another attack on law enforcement. Using community resources, the department was able to finish this project in a matter of weeks."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police-involved shootings dominate the reports. A Southern Minnesota man shoots several cops, leaving one in grave condition. In Houston, 3 police-involved shootings have been reported since the start of the year.

Also, a suspect in Sequoyah County is now in stable condition after several cops shot him for pointing what turned out to be a pellet gun. And an officer who figured in a shootout involving dozens of rounds has been cleared of charges.



00:16 Southern Minnesota man charged with attempted murder of a cop

03:12 Raleigh police officer shot on duty makes a full recovery

04:34 Three police-involved shootings reported in Houston in more than a week

07:04 Man with a pellet gun shot by police

08:58 Greeley: Officer involved in 50 round shootout cleared of charges

10:38 Centerton police builds an extra fence for added security




National Police Association Podcast #22 Officer recovering from multiple gunshots, Rising crime in New York City, and Officer involved shooting


00:55 "Hinton responded to a report of a shoplifter at Walmart in

Waterville and stopped a vehicle on Main Street when he was shot in

both arms while still in his cruiser, police said at the time. A chase

ensued and the suspect, Richard Murray-Burns, 29, of Harmony, was shot

multiple times by several law enforcement officials."

03:23 "Meanwhile, Bonney is conducting an internal investigation at

the Waterville Police Department to make sure the force used was

within policy, he said. As part of department policy, a review team is

appointed by the police chief to review the incident to determine two

things: whether all policies were followed and whether any changes

need to be made to policies based on the incident, according to


07:30 "The problem is that at least some of the judges in the city are

already proactively implementing new bail reform policies that are set

to go into effect on the first of the year. The Mayor and City Council

members have determined that cash bail is somehow racist and unfair to

various members of the community."

08:44 "A Lake County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man armed with

a knife near a Clearlake Oaks dollar store, ending a fight that sent

the deputy to a hospital with a fractured leg."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast,

Waterville, Maine police officer Timothy Hinton, who suffered gunshot

wounds to both arms caused by a shoplifting suspect, is reportedly

"recovering well."

In New York City, it is reported that bail reforms that some judges

are proactively implementing is descending the city into chaos. And in

Lake County, Florida, a deputy shot and killed a knife-wielding

suspect. The deputy suffered a fractured leg, bruised head, and bite




00:20 Maine officer shot in both arms is "recovering well"

06:10 NYC bail reforms causing chaos

08:41 Lake County deputy fatally shoots knife-wielding man




National Police Association Podcast #21 Police rescue kidnap victim, Arizona Medal of Valor honorees named, and Police action shootings reviewed


02:03 "Officers tried to negotiate with the assailant as he continued to hold the victim hostage. 'The suspect was demanding the officers kill him,' Jones said. The tactical officers breached the rear of the van, made entry, rescued the victim and took the suspect into custody. Jones identified the suspect Sean E. Sanders of Los Angeles, California."

06:14 "'Every day, first responders and members of law enforcement risk facing dangerous and adverse situations in an effort to keep others safe,' Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher stated. 'The Arizona Medal of Valor recipients displayed incredible acts of bravery to protect others, and we appreciate their unwavering courage.'"

09:34 "'I deal with what I have in front of me and often times there's so much coming in that things that I started yesterday fall behind and I am dealing with what's current,' she said at the time. The oldest case addressed the March 3, 2008 officer-involved shooting death of Joseph Bak."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Brookside law enforcement track down and rescue a woman who was kidnapped and held at knifepoint by a suspect who demanded that police kill him.

Also, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey just announced the recipients of the 2019 Arizona Medal of Valor, which recognizes the heroic actions of first responders and law enforcement. And after several years, 4 cases of fatal officer-involved shootings have finally been ruled as justified by Hartford State's Attorney Gail Hardy.



00:22 Brookside: Police make dramatic rescue of kidnapped woman held at knifepoint

03:11 Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announces 2019 Arizona Medal of Valor honorees

06:39 Blue Lives Matter: Years later, 4 officer-involved shooting cases ruled as justified




National Police Association Podcast #20 Officer involved shootings, Officers shot and Awards to police


00:39 "The Bryant Police Department said the man opened fire on the officers when they

arrived, striking one of them. Other officers returned fire when the man came out of apartment

holding a shotgun and refused to drop it, Arkansas State Police said. The man, identified by

state police as 24-year-old Austin Chase Swindle, was killed."

01:51 "They say the suspect called the police and told them that he was going to kill the next

person he saw. Officers approached the man and started giving him commands. He raised his

hands and officers saw something that appeared to be a weapon and that's when police say two

officers shot at the man."

03:05 "The suspect, 23-year-old Bradley Cutchens, was threatening to commit suicide before

police were called. When officers arrived, Cutchens was walking around carrying a weapon

before Officer Yoh exited his car. Cutchens opened fire on Yoh hitting him multiple times while

Yoh and other officers fired back killing Cutchens."

04:01 "A former Plymouth man accused of shooting a police officer in Maine over the weekend

was previously charged with shooting his mother's boyfriend and assaulting a police officer in

Plymouth, though both charges were later dropped."

07:39 "During the struggle, Ward punched the officer in the face. Ward was then able to sweep

around the officer with his arm and began to choke him. According to witnesses, Ward used his

free hand to go for the officer's firearm. The officer broke free when another officer struck Ward

with a baton. Officers were then able to wrestle Ward to the ground and take him into custody."

09:12 "The ceremony honoring Sergeant Stauffer was held at Tupelo Police Headquarters, next

to a cross and plaque memorializing the officer's sacrifice. Stauffer's partner, Joseph Maher was

also shot, but survived and is working in another Northeast Mississippi city."

12:57 "Carey commended both Loynd and Whitcomb, and said, 'The first person each of them

thought about was the other. It was nothing short of heroic. Loynd for tossing Whitcomb his first

aid pack in the midst of the danger, and Whitcomb for calling out to warn Loynd that Le was

armed with a knife.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, several officer-involved shootings

leave a trail of bodies and injuries in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Maine. Reports indicate some

suspects were suicidal while others have a recorded history of violence.

In Visalia, another violent suspect was sentenced to life behind bars for the attempted murder of

a police officer.

Meanwhile, cities honor the heroic actions of its officers. Sgt. Gale Stauffer, who was gunned

down 6 years ago after investigating a robbery, is honored by Tupelo City. Erving police officer

James Loynd received the Franklin County Chiefs of Police Recognition Award after saving the

life of a fellow officer and that of a mother and her children when he brought to justice the

suspect who stole a car and repeatedly stabbed the officer.



00:17 Suicidal Arkansas man who fired shotgun at cops is killed

01:32 OSBI responds to Sapulpa Motel officer-involved shooting

02:52 Ozark: Officer in ICU makes recovery

04:00 Maine shooter also shot mom's boyfriend, beat him with a baseball bat

06:22 Visalia: Jury finds attempted cop killer guilty and sentenced to life in prison

08:15 Tupelo honors police sergeant killed 6 years ago

10:23 Erving Officer James Loynd receives the Franklin County Chiefs of Police Recognition





National Police Association Podcast #19 Drug traffickers connected with a Mexican cartel busted, K 9 officers make dramatic rescues, Officers awarded for bravery


01:36 "Camacho-Pineda and Bazemore were the final two defendants of 11

sentenced from an October 2018 indictment alleging they were involved

in a drug trafficking organization that smuggled in kilograms of

methamphetamine from the La Familia cartel in Mexico and delivered it

by courier to south Georgia for distribution in Telfair County and


04:44 "'He knows. Okay, there's a car, there's police lights, there's

officers yelling commands. He knows what's up,' said handler Michael

Neff with the Corona PD. 'He knew what was going on. He wanted me to

let go sooner than I did. He's barking, showing me he has target ID

and he wants to do his job.'"

06:45 "U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer honored a group that included

first responders, business owners, students, seniors, community

leaders and veterans for their dedication to others. 'Today's Hometown

Heroes are what make North Jersey so special. I'm so proud to

highlight the contributions made by those joining us today."

09:43 "According to the Minneapolis police, a shot was fired in a

domestic incident in the area of 3100 Thomas Avenue North. Officers

responded to the scene and were met by people who had been inside the

residence. The suspect remained inside. Officers made contact with the

man who agreed to come outside. When the man came out, he was holding

a gun and fired at officers. Multiple officers fired back, hitting the




In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, two drug

traffickers connected with a Mexican cartel get sentenced to more than

200 months each behind bars.

In SoCal, K-9 officers take down dangerous suspects in two separate

incident while a domestic violence incident in Minneapolis turns

deadly with responding officers fatally shooting the unnamed suspect.

Also, U.S. Congressman Josh Gottheimer honors 40 residents as

"Hometown Heroes."



00:21 Fa Familia drug traffickers get combined 484 months in prison

03:57 K-9 officers shine in SoCal after taking down dangerous suspects

06:31 40 'Hometown Heroes' honored in New Jersey

09:26 Domestic violence turns into officer-involved shooting; suspect





National Police Association Podcast #18 Man charged with shooting six police officers gets 62 more charges filed against him, Congress cuts crime victim assistance programs and Officers awarded for heroisms


02:15 "'Any officer that was fired upon that afternoon, as far as we

are concerned, is a victim of attempted murder,' said Voci. Moments

after the preliminary hearing, the DA's office announced 62 new

charges against Hill for the dozens of other officers that were fired

on during the standoff."

02:57 "Federal money for crime victims comes not from tax dollars but

from fines and penalties in federal criminal cases which have been

declining. Insiders say the spending cutback is due mostly to concern

in Congress that the overall crime-victim fund should not be unduly


06:24 "The officer reacted by grabbing the subject and attempted to

remove him from the motorcycle. These attempts were defeated as the

motorcyclist accelerated rapidly causing the officer to be struck and

dragged across several lanes of 118th."

07:51 "Goetsch and Schmoker are among 18 individuals who have been

awarded the Carnegie Medal – the highest honor for civilian heroism in

the U.S. and Canada – for risking their lives while trying to save

others from drowning, burning vehicles, or burning homes."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Maurice

Hill, the Philadelphia gunman who engaged police in a 7-hour shootout,

gets 62 fresh charges. Also, crime victim programs will be getting

budget cuts in the upcoming fiscal year.

In other parts of the country, a motorcyclist is being sought after

assaulting a Pinellas Park officer and dragging him along the highway,

and two Sturgis police officers will receive Carnegie Medals for

saving a man from a burning home.



00:26 Philadelphia gunman in August standoff slapped with 62 new


02:33 Crime victim programs get budget cuts in 2020

05:35 Motorcyclist wanted for assaulting & dragging cop along 118th


07:33 Carnegie Medals awarded to Sturgis officers for heroism




National Police Association Podcast #17 Anti-police policies blamed for rising crime in New York, Man who tried to kill a state trooper receives no prison time, Officers under fire, Federal program helps local police departments


01:08 "Kerik believes the killing is a graphic example of a decline in

the quality of life in New York City. 'We're going right back to where

we were,' he told Henry. 'This homicide is reminiscent of the things

that went on back in the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, and people ignore


07:00 "Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said that Kays got the break of a

lifetime when the judge sentenced him to home incarceration. But Kays

remained committed to his self-defense argument. 'I never got no break

I don't think,' Kays told reporters as he left the courtroom after his


07:51 "The man was identified Friday as Delvin Pollard and he has been

charged with assault with intent to kill, assault on a police officer

and unlawful possession of a firearm. 'Looks like he tried to

assassinate a couple of our police officers,' Newsham said."

10:27 "It wasn't all that popular nationally, in part because local

departments had to pay the expenses for travel and weeks of lodging

for their officers to get federal immigration agent training, but it

sure was a hit in Maricopa County."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, crime is

growing rampant as Bernard Kerik blames anti-police policies for

rising crime in New York and a convicted would-be cop killer also gets

zero jail time.

In the capital, a man who opened fire on two volunteer police officers

lands behind bars and President Trump revives a plan to deputize local

law enforcers in a bid against illegal immigration.



00:26 Bernard Kerik slams liberal policies for spike in NY crime

03:17 Convicted attempted cop killer will not serve jail time

07:26 DC man opens fire on volunteer officers

09:27 Trump to deputize local law enforcement for immigration





National Police Association Podcast #16 Police Action Shooting, Cop Attacker Sentenced and More Info Comes Out About Jersey City Cop Killers


00:39 "Three deputies found the suspect, Romello Barnes, as he tried

leaving the complex and chased him into an apartment. They ordered him

to drop his knife, but he refused, so they deployed K9 Tonto, but he

wouldn't budge, according to Chronister. The three deputies are still

in fear for their life and are forced to fire their service weapons,

striking the suspect, who succumbed to his injuries and is at the

scene deceased."

03:20 "He then approached the upper stairwell armed with a compound

bow and fired an arrow that struck Stearns County Deputy Paul Orvis.

The complaint states State Patrol Trooper Anthony Butler and Melrose

Officer Patrick Nechanicky returned fire before Olson fired a second

arrow. A second volley of gunfire followed from the officers, striking

Olson in the left shoulder and buttock."

05:38 "The motivation clearly appears to be a bias towards both the

Jewish community and law enforcement," Carpenito said. "This is going

to be investigated going forward ... as a domestic terrorism event."

09:45 "He said investigators believe Seals was shot to death when he

confronted the suspects in Bayview cemetery. He said Anderson and

Graham were prime suspects in the murder this past weekend of an Uber

driver officials identified as Michael Rumberger."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police

forces responded to violent crimes in their neighborhoods. One Tampa

man, who has a history of violence, slashed his mother and was gunned


A Jewish deli shooting, which saw three people and a a police

detective killed, is also being investigated as a domestic terrorism

case. The two suspects appear to have been motivated by anti-Semitic

and anti-law enforcement sentiments.

And finally, a man who fired a bow and arrow at cops is sentenced to

15 years in prison.



00:20 Tampa: Man attacks mom with knife, is shot and killed

01:56 Man who attacked cops with bow and arrow gets 15 years

04:22 Jewish deli shooting investigated as domestic terrorism




National Police Association Podcast #15 Anti Police Activists Get Police Cars Changed, Man Threatening Cops Online Arrested, and Cop Killer Out For Parole Goes Right Back in


01:01 "The police chief defended his decision to the Lexington Herald-

Leader, saying, 'That design is basically to give back to the police

officers. Our lives matter just as much as anybody's. I'm not racist

or anything like that. I'm not trying to stir anything up like that. I

consider it to be a 'warrior logo.'"

02:21 "Littleton is expected to appear before Wayne Circuit Judge

Vonda Evans Wednesday morning for a motion hearing. Police submitted

warrants to Wayne County prosecutors seeking charges against three of

the men including Littleton. Detectives determined there wasn't enough

evidence to seek charges against the fourth suspect."

06:53 "As the officer called for backup and tried to cuff Ogunbanjo,

he allegedly tried to grab the officer's handgun, but eventually

grabbed the officer's body camera, which fell to the ground during the

struggle while still recording and put it in his pocket, White said.

According to White, Ogunbanjo kept demanding the officer give him his

gun, and elbowed him at one point."

08:48 "But Judge Nicholas Garaufis instead ordered Ramos jailed so

that Mosomillo's kin, who weren't present Tuesday, can speak at her

sentencing, which he set for Dec. 20. 'I don't care if it was one year

ago or 10 years ago or 20 years ago,' Garaufis said. 'When someone is

murdered … I want to hear from the family if the family wants to speak

to me.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, Kentucky

locals were outraged over patrol cars designed with decals of comic

book character "The Punisher" and man who threatened to kill white

cops on Facebook in 2016 has plead guilty.

In other parts of the country, a former University of California at

Berkeley football player has been arrested on a $185,000 bond for

assaulting a police officer. Also, convicted cop killer Betsy Ramos

wins parole but gets sent right back afterwards.



00:14 Blue Lives Matter: 'Punisher' decals from Ky patrol cars removed

01:47 Man who threatened cops on Facebook pleads guilty

05:40 Ex-Cal football player charged with assault on police officer

08:06 Cop killer gets parole, lands right behind bars




National Police Association Podcast #14 Project Safe Neighborhoods, Black Lives Matter and Trooper Lawsuit Victory


00:39 "Miller also pleaded guilty to one count of making a false

written statement on a federal form, falsely claiming that he was not

an unlawful user of, or addicted to, any controlled substance, in

order to purchase a firearm from an Independence, Missouri,

pawnshop.By pleading guilty, Miller admitted that he illegally

purchased, or attempted to purchase, more than 15 firearms from five

licensed firearms dealers."

05:20 "The lower court, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, upheld

a decision in April that allowed the lawsuit filed by a Baton Rouge,

Louisiana, police officer against Mckesson to move forward. The

officer, labeled as John Doe in the lawsuit, was injured during

protests after the 2016 killing of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black

man who was shot dead by Baton Rouge police."

09:27 "Bibaud said she had performed sexual acts to pay for the drugs,

and had offered to perform sexual favors for Sceviour in exchange for

leniency, the report stated. During the ride to jail, she claimed her

father was a judge, but the trooper was skeptical."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, another

Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative leads to a Lee's Summit man to

plead guilty to purchasing 15 illegal firearms in addition to

admission of heroin use.

The Black Lives Matter issue is also far from over as the ACLU appeals

to the Supreme Court to overturn the decision to prosecute activist

DeRay Mckesson. And in the "Troopergate" scandal, Trooper Ryan

Sceviour has finally been cleared of any charges.



00:11 Project Safe Neighborhoods: Suspect pleads guilty to purchasing

15 illegal guns

04:30 ACLU appeals to SC: Overturn decision vs activist DeRay Mckesson

07:36 Troopergate update: Trooper Ryan Sceviour cleared of wrongdoing




National Police Association Podcast #13 Officer Involved Shooting, Lack of Respect for Law Enforcement and Police Awards


01:26 "'They confronted the guy at the back end of the alley,' said

San Patricio County Sheriff Oscar Rivera. “He had a weapon with him,

they asked him to get on the ground and drop the weapon, he didn't so

both officers fired."

04:20 "'If communities donÕt give that support and respect, they might

find themselves without the police protection they need,' he added.

Critics honed in on Barr's use of the word 'communities,' and declared

that he was clearly referring to communities of color, the HuffPost


05:57 "A total of 414 law enforcement officers were nominated for the

Attorney GeneralÕs Award this year, according to the DOJ's press


08:29 "'During Deputy Jessop's search in more than a million acres of

forest, he heard a faint whimper, and found a baby boy lying face

down,' the DOJ said. 'To his surprise, the baby was alive and

uninjured. There is no question Deputy Jessop's instincts,

perseverance, and dedication saved the childÕs life.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, an

officer-involved shooting in small Texas town leaves residents in

shock. Also, during Third Annual Attorney GeneralÕs Award for

Distinguished Service in Policing, US Attorney General William Barr is

now in hot water for saying that lack of "community" support and

respect will cause them to lose police protection.

However, the event recognized the extraordinary acts by law

enforcement individuals which led to significant impact in their

communities. A total of 414 officers were nominated this year.



00:18 Unknown suspect in hospital after officer-involved shooting in

small Texas town

02:50 AG's Award for Distinguished Service: AG says lack of

'community' support will remove police protection

06:03 Extraordinary acts by police officers recognized




National Police Association Podcast #12 Police shooting, Project Exile and Project Safe Neighborhoods


00:34 "Foley police say the passenger, James Walker Stewart ran from

the officer, and a fight ensued. During the struggle, Stewart tried to

grab the officer's gun. The officer fired his gun, striking Stewart.

Stewart was taken to USA Hospital and underwent surgery. He is

expected to live."

02:58 "Officers went inside the home and found the suspect

“straddling” his mother while holding a knife; that is when the two

officers fired their weapons at the 60-year-old son, police said. He

was pronounced dead at the scene."

05:30 "Through Project Exile, if someone is found to be in possession

of a firearm when they had lost their right to legally possess one,

and is tried and convicted, they can be exiled from the community and

sent away to serve time in federal prison."

08:38 "Lang believes in a 'data-driven, comprehensive approach to

reducing violent crime that involves prevention, re-entry,

prosecution, better investigation and more collaboration, focusing on

the five to ten percent of people that are committing the 60 to 70

percent of the violent crime.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police

responded to calls of violent crime and shot the suspects. In the case

in Foley, the suspect tried to grab an officer's firearm and was shot

in response. He is expected to live. The suspect in Concord, however,

was fatally shot as he was attacking his elderly parents with a knife

and toy gun.

Government initiatives are also being celebrated, with Project Exile

celebrating 21 years and Project Safe Neighborhoods using a datadriven

approach to successfully clamp down on violent criminals in

Randolph County.



00:17 Foley man shot trying to grab cop's gun

02:04 Concord man shot dead while attacking elderly parents

04:00 Rochester, NY: Project Exile celebrates 21st anniversary

07:25 Randolph County: Project Safe Neighborhoods identifies violent





National Police Association Podcast #11 More Arrested in Deputy’s Murder, Gunfire at Hotel and Officer Involved Shooting


00:28 "One of those people, Savannah Jo Eastman, was the girlfriend of

Michael Veatch, who died in a shootout with police along Hwy 30 near

St. Helens in October. Veatch was previously connected to the DeRosier

shooting. Ricky Roberts is the other person charged."

03:31 "He said the male had a gun with a laser on it in his face. He

turned around and ran out of the back of the hotel, when he heard the

man fire a round toward him. He described the suspect as a man with

tattoos on his face and all over his head."

07:52 "'Some sort of incident occurred between the officer and that

person while he was on that traffic stop,' she said. 'Right now, we

have very limited information on exactly what transpired during the

exchange between the officer and the person.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, more

murders and related-violence were reported, as well unprovoked

shootings. In Cowlitz County, two more people were charged with

harboring the killer of Deputy DeRosier who was killed in April of

this year.

In Rawlins, Wyoming, a man with tattoos on his face discharged a

handgun in a hotel and was arrested. He has pleaded not guilty to a

variety of felonies and misdemeanors. And in Baltimore, a report with

very few details has emerged of a man who allegedly tried to harm

himself and was shot dead by a responding officer. It is unclear if

the officer's body camera was on at the time.



00:17 Deputy DeRosier murder update: 2 more charged for harboring


02:26 Rawlins hotel shooter pleads not guilty, faces multiple felonies

& misdemeanors

06:52 Baltimore man threatens to harm self, is shot dead by police




More Arrested in Deputy’s Murder, Gunfire at Hotel and Officer Involved Shooting


00:28 "One of those people, Savannah Jo Eastman, was the girlfriend of

Michael Veatch, who died in a shootout with police along Hwy 30 near

St. Helens in October. Veatch was previously connected to the DeRosier

shooting. Ricky Roberts is the other person charged."

03:31 "He said the male had a gun with a laser on it in his face. He

turned around and ran out of the back of the hotel, when he heard the

man fire a round toward him. He described the suspect as a man with

tattoos on his face and all over his head."

07:52 "'Some sort of incident occurred between the officer and that

person while he was on that traffic stop,' she said. 'Right now, we

have very limited information on exactly what transpired during the

exchange between the officer and the person.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, more

murders and related-violence were reported, as well unprovoked

shootings. In Cowlitz County, two more people were charged with

harboring the killer of Deputy DeRosier who was killed in April of

this year.

In Rawlins, Wyoming, a man with tattoos on his face discharged a

handgun in a hotel and was arrested. He has pleaded not guilty to a

variety of felonies and misdemeanors. And in Baltimore, a report with

very few details has emerged of a man who allegedly tried to harm

himself and was shot dead by a responding officer. It is unclear if

the officer's body camera was on at the time.



00:17 Deputy DeRosier murder update: 2 more charged for harboring


02:26 Rawlins hotel shooter pleads not guilty, faces multiple felonies

& misdemeanors

06:52 Baltimore man threatens to harm self, is shot dead by police




National Police Association Podcast #10: Antifa Thug Arrested, Anti Police Demonstrations and High Speed Pursuits


01:40 "'Investigators were able to identify the suspect who damaged

the vehicle as 37-year-old Shaun Clancy,' the Portland Police Bureau

said in a release. 'Investigators worked with the Multnomah County

District Attorney's Office and the case was presented to a grand jury.

The grand jury issued a secret indictment warrant for one count of

Criminal Mischief I on August 13, 2019.'"

03:16 "Police arrested at least 58 anti-cop demonstrators who flooded

the streets of Upper Manhattan to protest a fare-evasion crackdown and

police in the subways Friday night. The crowd swelled to about two

hundred people soon after the protest kicked off in Harlem."

06:11 "When Daniels saw police cars stop and officers approach,

however, he put the vehicle in reverse and 'smashed into a police

vehicle, narrowly missing one officer on foot who jumped out of the

way,' Silverio said. Officers were able to detain Daniels, Canady and

Hadley there and seized the gun and drugs, police said."

08:37 "The deputy saw the motorcycle's taillights go 'from standing

height to ground level,' the incident report states. 'At the time the

taillight lowered to the ground, I observed a silhouette running from

the motorcycle into the median, fall, and then continue south east

towards an alley,' the deputy says in the incident report. The deputy

left his vehicle and chased Duran on foot, running to the alley, where

he heard Duran cutting through the backyard of a home on Carrasco




In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police

arrest suspects in previous violent crimes, with an Antifa member who

damaged a senior citizen's car during a protest and a Waterbury man

wanted for a shooting gets arrested in a drug bust.

In other news, dozens of protesters were nabbed in Harlem as they

demonstrated against the fare evasion issue that has divided the

community. And in Grant County, South Carolina, sheriffs ended up in

two separate high speed motorcycles pursuits that concluded with both

rider suspects arrested.



00:18 Antifa member who attacked senior citizen in 2018 is arrested

03:13 Fare-evasion crackdown: 58 anti-cop demonstrators nabbed

04:37 Waterbury shooting suspect caught in drug bust—tries to run over


06:33 Grant County sheriffs engage in separate motorcycle pursuits




National Police Association Podcast 9: Thin Blue Line, Blue Lives Matter and Bail Reform Causing Crime


00:52 "'There's a morale problem,' Watson said of the shirts. But others saw

the shirts as a symbol of division. Arapahoe County Democratic Chairwoman

Kristen Mallory said during public comment the shirts were 'shameful' and a

clear message that those council members don't support the Black Lives

Matter movement."

04:39 "The petition must gather signatures from 20% of the 42,713

registered voters in the district. Then, if the department certifies the

signatures, it will call for a recall election, where voters must pass a simple

majority to unseat the official. The mayor will then appoint a replacement."

08:39 "'We are already seeing many liberal judges in our city releasing

people without bail, even people who have extensive criminal histories,' she

said. 'And what's really disturbing about the bail law that will take in effect, is

that it doesn't consider someone's criminal history. They could have a

dozen, two dozen, three dozen convictions and could still walk out the door

and be released without bail.'"



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, squabbles

deepen the divisions in local communities and an increase in crime in Bay

Ridge, Brooklyn is being blamed on new bail reform laws.

The "Thin Blue Line" issue has pitted the Aurora City Council members

against themselves and a group of Richmond District residents initiated a

move to unseat Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer for her role in chanting

against the San Francisco police force.

There is also an uptick in crimes in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn that is spitting local

politicians. Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis has pinned it on new

problematic bail reform laws while Council Member Justin Brannan

disagrees with the underlying reasons.



00:11 Aurora City Council squabbles over "Thin Blue Line"

03:35 Residents initiate recall petition against Sandra Lee Fewer

06:24 Increase in Bay Ridge crimes blamed on bail reform laws




National Police Association Podcast #8: Shootings, Car Chases, and Battery on Officers


02:26 "Officers went to Fenn's residence to locate her. When Fenn answered the door, an officer told her why he was there and attempted to detain her. Fenn refused to comply and fought with the officer, repeatedly kicking the officer until she was successfully placed in handcuffs. Fenn was placed in a patrol vehicle for transport where she repeatedly kicked the windows of the patrol vehicle."

03:54 "A man shot and killed by a San Jose police sergeant on Nov. 9 has been identified by the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner's Office as Andrew Joseph Roberts, 29, of Aptos. Sgt. Lee Tassio opened fire when Roberts lunged for his service weapon, according to Chief Eddie Garcia."
08:58 "Two days after the incident, forensic pathologist Manuel Montez conducted an autopsy. Dr. Montez observed a total of 19 gunshot wounds, to Mr. Valdez's head, torso, neck and extremities with perforations of the brain, lungs, diaphragm, liver, intestines, stomach and pancreas. He also noted four graze wounds located on the jaw, chest and abdomen."
10:28 "Witness Dedrick Gamble said at least one person in the crowd fired a gun, causing police to approach, and then at least one officer fired.'When he hit the guy, the police came up behind them and the next thing you know, they was on the ground. ... Crazy. It's madness down here,' Gamble said."

In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police-involved shooting cases get updates, and a disturbance in a Jack in the Box ends in the arrest of an intoxicated mom who had a baby with her.
A 2-year old police-involved shooting case gets closure in Santa Barbara when the DA ruled a man shot 19 times by responding officers was justifiable homicide. And, more recently, a man killed in a San Jose highway has been identified as Andrew Joseph Roberts, 29-years old from Aptos.


00:16 Mom makes scene at Jack in the Box, kicks officers
03:51 San Jose man fatally shot by police sergeant in Highway 85 identified
06:18 2 years in the making: DA rules officer-involved shooting justifiable homicide

09:40 Chaos in Charlotte: Cops shoot bar brawlers with 1 dead



National Police Association Podcast #7: Swords, Shootings and Car Chases


00:56 "The suspect then took off running, prompting a foot chase that wound its way

to Torres High, where the suspect jumped a fence onto the campus. Deputies

surrounded the man and ordered him to drop his sword and surrender. When he began to

advance on deputies, they opened fire on him".

02:05 "After being treated at Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta for gunshot wounds

last week, Macias was rearrested Tuesday morning, Nov. 12 and booked into Siskiyou

County Jail on charges of felony resisting arrest, assault with a deadly weapon (not

a firearm) and attempt to murder a peace officer."

05:48 "Two officers got into an altercation with the suspect. One officer attempted

to wrestle the suspect's weapon away from him while the second officer, Sgt. Lee

Tassio, reportedly shot the suspect with a Tazer. The Tazer shot did not

incapacitate the suspect, according to Garcia, and Tassio fired a bullet at the

suspect after the 29-year-old reportedly reached for Tassio's gun. The bullet killed

the man."

07:07 "Liberatore was off-duty with his family at a park in Mount Pleasant when he

heard the screams of a 5-year-old girl. He ran to the scene and saw the young girl

being viciously attacked by a coyote. He shepherded his own family to safety and,

without hesitation, wrestled and pulled the animal off the girl, restraining it

until local police officers arrived and put the animal down."

09:53 "'The suspect stopped. He then backed up and intentionally rammed the police

cruiser, and then he did it a second time, intentionally rammed a police cruiser,

which was able to get him the room he needed to get out of that lot,' Lambert



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police forces from

around the country got into violent situations when suspects attacked them with a

variety of weapons, including a sword and handguns with extended magazines, mostly

ending with the suspects getting fatally shot.

Another car chase happened, this time in Ohio, where the suspect hit road signs,

intentionally rammed a police cruiser twice, and clipped nearby vehicles. And some

good news, an Irvington cop is recognized for his actions that saved a little girl

from a rabid coyote's vicious attack.


00:15 Sword-wielding man fatally shot in East LA school

01:57 Teen who tried to murder cop treated for gunshot wounds & rearrested

04:29 Repeat offender goes for deputy's gun, is shot dead

06:22 Irvington cop recognized for extraordinary actions in vicious coyote attack

08:51 Kettering, Ohio: Suspect rams cop cars; ensuing car chase caught on camera



National Police Association Podcast 6: Assault and Battery on Officers, Officer Involved Shootings and Criminal Sentencing


00:58 "Officer Biddle reportedly told her to stop, but she refused. Police said at that point Jimenez reportedly pulled out a knife and held it above her head as she continued to walk towards him. Officer Biddle kept shouting at her to put the knife down, but she instead threw the knife, hitting him in the upper chest. That's when he used a taser to get her into custody."

02:42 "Hill was found near Richmond Street, and a 'violent struggle ensued,' according to police, after Hill refused to comply with an officer's demands. Police said Hill spit blood at and tried to gouge out the eye of one officer, and broke the eyeglasses of another. Police said they found three knives on Hill after he was subdued.

04:17 "Officers tased Bertrand in an attempt to gain control of him. Bertrand then headbutted an officer leaving a bruise on the officer's left eye. They noted that while escorting Bertrand out of the residence Bertrand said, 'yeah I headbutted that blank

06:06 "Wilder said three adult witnesses heard deputies giving Renew commands to get out of the truck. Those witnesses stated that's when Renew began revving the engine and drove right towards LeBlanc and Pennell.Both deputies opened fire, killing Renew. The windshield of the truck was filled with bullet holes."

07:39 "Brandy Fortson, who was elected to the board earlier this year, tweeted from a personal account on Thursday morning. Fortson's tweet read, 'Hey kids, always remember that all cops are bastards.'"

10:00 "Marquis Bernard Malloy, 29, of Fayetteville, pleaded guilty Feb. 29 to possession with intent to distribute a quantity of heroin and a quantity of cocaine, possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime and felon in possession of a firearm."


In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, carjacking incidents were reported and a recent story of a carjacking woman who tried to run over deputies gets an update. Elsewhere, officers from around the country were responding to a variety of reports and were then assaulted, including a suicidal man who was cutting his wrists.

Also, a Corvallis, Oregon board member tweets that "all cops are bastards" and will be resigning on Tuesday. And in a continuation of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a Fayetteville man is caught with a 9mm and several grams of cocaine and heroin.


00:18 Burglary suspect hides in bushes, throws knife at cop when caught

01:41 Drunk man jacks car, crashes it & attacks arresting officers

03:30 Suicidal man cuts wrists & headbutts cop

05:06 Woman who stole truck, attempted to run over cops identified

07:29 Corvallis board member tweets cop hate, will resign

09:48 Fayetteville: Man gets 15 years for drugs & weapons



National Police Association Podcast 5: Police in Action, Blue Lives Matter and Criminal Sentencing


03:05 "Of nine rounds fired at Miller, one hit him in the hand.

Douglas County deputy Tyree Holdridge, who was following Miller and

saw the gun battle, fired his weapon at the rear of the Toyota in an

effort to save his sergeant. 'He put two officers at risk and deserves

the maximum,' Casper said."

05:09 "The rampage began 10:14 a.m. April 26 when Jefferson and his

cousin, Marcus Jackson became involved in an argument, in which

Jefferson threatened to kill him if he called police. Jefferson took

off with Jackson's 2015 Toyota Camry after shooting him in the

driveway of his home. Three hours later, he killed Laron Davis and at

2:42 p.m. shot and killed Calvin Kelly, according to the probable

cause sheet."

06:50 "'To say this [the flag] was created to be anti any other

movement, to say this is [a] white supremacist or divisive symbol is

just outrageous,' O'Donnell said. 'You know, five minutes of research

would have proved otherwise.' O'Donnell believes the move by Elrich is

strictly political because a similar 'thin red line' flag given to the

nearby fire department from the same family did not spark


08:54 "According to San Jose police, officers pulled a car over then

the adult male passenger pulled out a handgun. That's when an officer

fired, striking the man at least once. He was pronounced dead at the

scene. As investigators collected evidence, southbound highway 85 was

closed from Saratoga Avenue to Winchester Blvd creating a traffic


10:05 "Cleveland, 28, has been with the department for five years. He

was shot on Oct. 5 along with four other people after a fight broke

out in the 10000 block of Crown Point Drive in north St. Louis County.

Cleveland, a graduate of Normandy High School, was shot once in the

side. His liver, one of his lungs and one of his kidneys were

punctured, police said. He must undergo one more surgery, his mother

LaQuitta Lowman said. It's unclear when he will return to work."


In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police

figure in drug busts, car chases, and shoot outs convicted felons. A

Nevada woman faces a stack of charges racked up in the past 5 months

including a felony charge for battery on an officer, after she drove

away from the deputy who was investigating drugs in her car. Kimberly

Ann Maddox hit 2 parked cars as well.

The "Thin Blue Line" issue is also far from over as rallyists gather

outside the controversial Montgomery police department to protest the

alleged politicizing of county executive Marc Elrich. And in St. Louis

County, Cleveland, the local community raises thousands of dollars for

a hero cop who was shot on his side, puncturing his liver, lungs, and

a kidney.


00:16 Nevada woman racks up charges: Drugs, battery & trafficking

01:53 Killer steals car & fires on cops; gets maximum 40 years

05:39 "Thin Blue Line" update: Protest vs Montgomery Exec Elrich

08:27 Highway 85 shooting causes massive traffic jam

09:51 Thousands of dollars raised for St. Louis hero cop



National Police Association Podcast 4: Cops under fire and Project Safe Neighborhoods.


01:42 "The five-day operation targeting fugitives wanted for violent criminal offenses in Creek County was finalized this week. 'Today, 34 violent offenders have been apprehended as a result of Operation Fallback,' said U.S. Attorney Trent Shores."

04:11 "Heuser-Whitaker and his nine co-conspirators worked in at least six-man teams for each robbery, which included inside and outside look-outs, getaway drivers, and two gunmen. The robbery crew used police scanners to monitor law enforcement activity and earpieces to communicate with one another."

05:41 "Through PSN, a broad spectrum of stakeholders work together to identify the most pressing violent crime problems in the community and develop comprehensive solutions to address them. As part of this strategy, PSN focuses enforcement efforts on the most violent offenders and partners with locally based prevention and reentry programs for lasting reductions in crime."

08:59 "One of the greatest concerns is the increasing number of privately made weapons that do not carry serial numbers and are sold illegally, said Jennifer Cicolani, the assistant agent in charge of the San Francisco division of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives."

11:41 "Through Project Safe Neighborhoods we use data driven approaches to focus prosecution resources and investigation resources on the most violent. But that's not all we do. We also engage the probation office, social agencies, churches, charities so that if there are those that are moving in that direction or on the precipice of that activity, we give them a hard talking to and say, 'Hey you're on our radar screen,' Martin said."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police go on the offensive to enforce Project Safe Neighborhoods and its affiliated operations, the Justice Department's core initiative to reduce violent crime from all over the country. Members of notorious gangs like the Bloods and Hell's Angels have been arrested on various charges involving guns and drugs. 



00:15 Kanawha County: Suicidal man open fires on deputies 

01:14 Operation Fallback nets dozens of violent offenders

03:33 Bloods member gets 24 years for shooting Harris Teeter manager

06:38 Project Safe Neighborhoods cracks down on Modesto CA Hell's Angels 

09:52 Deputy U.S. attorney general urges law enforcement agencies to combat violent crime




National Police Association Podcast #3 Guns off the street and San Francisco disrespects their police

QUOTES (01:42) "In January of 2017, family members called police to report getting text messages from the suspect stating he wanted to commit suicide by cop and that quote, 'This time they will not shoot me with a rubber bullet,' Garcia said." 02:36 "A man accused of donning a Jesus Christ costume and attacking a police officer unprovoked on Halloween has been arrested in Idaho and will be extradited to San Diego, authorities said Wednesday." 04:17 "There is growing outrage after a controversial anti-police chant broke out Tuesday night at San Francisco District Attorney candidate Chesa Boudin's election party. In fact, there is a video which shows city supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer starting a profanitylaced chant against the police officer's association." 08:16 "'It used to be that a Glock pistol was the status symbol. Now I want this with the full automatic. This is the cool thing to have,' ATF agent Brian Hester said, while demonstrating how guns without serial numbers and with conversion kits can be assembled." 10:53 "More than 30 law enforcement men and women from Allegheny, Beaver, and Washington counties were honored for their heroic bravery and dedication above and beyond the call of duty."

 SUMMARY In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, a politician hurls disrespect against the police and the DOJ reports success in drive to bring guns off the streets. San Francisco supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer is caught on video leading a profanity-laden chant against their own police association. Tony Montoya, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, went on the offensive to denounce the disrespect. Meanwhile, the DOJ reports that more guns are off the street due to more targeted efforts from Project Safe Neighborhoods. Elsewhere, another suicide by cop incident is also reported in San Jose as the suspect approached a group of high school students with a replica gun in hand. He was fatally shot by an officer armed with a rifle. A man dressed up as Jesus for Halloween assaults an officer and flees to Idaho. He has since been caught and will be extradited back to San Diego. And Amen Corner, a local non-political, non-partisan group in Penn Hills, honors its police in a luncheon. HIGHLIGHTS 00:18 Man who allegedly desired suicide by cop is fatally shot 02:32 Suspect in Jesus costume assaults officer, is eventually caught 04:07 SF City supervisor leads profanity-laced chant against police 06:34 DOJ targets repeat offenders, reports more guns now off the streets 10:36 Penn Hills officers honored at local luncheon



National Police Association Podcast #2 Police Shootings, Memorials and Awards

QUOTES 00:59 "Lodi police spokesperson Lieutenant Mike Manetti said sometimes officers don't know what kind of firepower they'll be facing until they arrive on the scene. 'There's a sense of urgency that goes into it, no matter how competent you feel with your firearm. You definitely don't want to be under-matched like that,' Manetti said." 03:33 "A chase of a stolen vehicle starting in North Georgia ends in Tennessee with an officer involved shooting. The suspect was shot, and a deputy was injured in the pursuit. It started in Dade County, and ended in Marion County." 05:56 "The pursuing officers could not pull Eukenio off the other officer and deployed a Taser to stop the assault. Eukenio was removed from the officer but placed both his hands under his stomach near his waistband and refused to move them, police said. A Taser was deployed for a second time, and the officers gained control of Eukenio's arms and placed him in handcuffs." 08:07 "Before a standing-room-only crowd, Sgt. Daniel Haines was presented with the police department's 'Medal of Courage,' a new award given to officers who achieve 'a highly unusual accomplishment.' Haines has been hailed as a hero for his help with the April arrest of a man who has been charged with violently attacked two teens, sexually assaulting one and stabbing both, during a home invasion in Sleepy Hollow." 10:43 "West Dundee police detective Nathan Herman was presented with the Medal of Valor, a new award given for 'a distinguished act of bravery in the line of duty.' Herman, a sniper on the Kane County SWAT Team, responded to a call in July in South Elgin for a 52-year-old man who was armed with a rifle and shotgun and was outside firing rounds, Gorski said." SUMMARY

 In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police shootings, memorials, and awards take the limelight. Reports of trespassing and stolen vehicles also made the front pages. In California, a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle traded fire with a police officer and, despite being shot several times, is expected to make a full recovery. The officer remained unhurt. A stolen car chase that started in North Georgia and ended in Tennessee results in violence. The pursuing police car is wrecked, injuring the officer, while the suspect was shot. West Dundee officers are also commended for extraordinary actions in the line of duty and presented with new awards, the Medal of Courage and Medal of Valor. HIGHLIGHTS 00:16 Gun battle in Lodi: Officer vs man armed with semi-automatic rifle 02:07 Permanent memorial sought for fallen Harris Country deputy 03:29 Stolen car chase ends with wrecked patrol car & suspect shot 04:17 Assault in Spokane: 2 men vs police officers 06:38 Habitual offender in Boulder Hill arrested again 07:56 2 West Dundee officers awarded for courage & valor RESOURCES


National Police Association Podcast #1: Police Injuries and Anti-Police Protests


"The demonstration formed soon after 7 p.m. on the streets near the Barclays Center, with protesters unfurling large banners that read 'F—k the police' and 'Don't let these pigs touch us.' The crowd began dispersing by 9 p.m. The demonstration was in response to a planned crackdown on fare evasion by the NYPD — and two controversial police actions in Brooklyn subway stations in recent weeks."

"'Arresting people who can't afford a $2.75 fare makes no-one safer and destabilizes our community,' she said. 'New Yorkers know that, they're not having it and they're standing up for each other.'"

"'The flag provides a symbol of support to some but it is a symbol of dismissiveness to others. Because it is divisive, the flag will not be posted at the 5th District nor in any public space within the Police Department,' Elrich said in a written statement. 'Under my administration, we are committed to improving police relations with the community and will immediately address any action that stands against our mission.'"

"Fire Station 31 continues to display its handcrafted flag. In fact, the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1664 posted a handful of photos on its Facebook Page thanking Shelton and his son for their kindness and 'amazingly detailed' work."

"Kidik was answering a seemingly routine call about a landlord-tenant dispute on May 17, 2018 at 5 Constitution Plaza, the Spectra Boutique Apartments. Kidik made her way to the tenant's ninth floor apartment and was attacked. She suffered serious stab wounds to her neck and throat. Nearby building employees pulled the attacker off her and fellow Hartford police officers rushed her to an ambulance and cleared a path to Hartford Hospital, where surgeons saved her."



In this episode of the National Police Association Podcast, police forces have made headlines mostly due to sustained and inflicted injuries, as well as anti-police protests. 

In Florida, a man armed with a sword charged at a deputy screaming, "Shoot me!" and was gunned down. Meanwhile, police forces from New York are facing intense backlash for their planned crackdown on fare evasion, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backing the protesters.

In Maryland, a "Thin Blue Line" flag is dividing the community with some viewing it as racist and the intervention of a MoCo executive as a political move. Elsewhere, a detective who suffered a horrific knife attack last year was forced to retire due to irreparable damage to her neck and throat.



00:08 Florida man charges deputy with a sword & is fatally shot

00:50 Suisun City: Attempted carjacker spits on officer, headbutts police car

01:52 NYC anti-cop protests escalate; face brutal crackdown 

02:59 AOC supports Brooklyn protesters 

04:29 Backlash: Maryland exec orders 'Thin Blue Line' Flag removed 

09:13 Hartford detective forced to retire after violent 2018 attack