Episode #1 - Blue's Clues WARNING!

Episode #1 - Blue's Clues WARNING!

Blue's Clues presents a drag queen to preschoolers intent on introducing and promoting the “pride” parade and normalizing the sexual variants of behavior by adults in the minds of children. What's a conservative parent supposed to do?

The month of June, somehow deemed “pride month”, is a time to watch out for what your children view due to the constant push for the sexualization of young children in the culture. Conservative parenting means heeding this warning.

An elitist private school in NY shows an inappropriate video to six year olds in a sex ed class, and an immature and dimwit mom disregards her son while ranting to a police officer. PLUS, we talk about a darling dad and his sweet daughter!

This is the first episode of Parenting News & the Culture War with the Mommy Answer Lady. The cultural struggle for the minds of our children can no longer be ignored. Conservative parents, we can no longer be silent. This new series will discuss some of the recent headlines and help parents navigate their thoughts and actions in response to the left's attempts to indoctrinate our children.

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