Healing Beyond Sexual Assault with Mookie

Healing Beyond Sexual Assault with Mookie

On this day one year ago Makala's life changed forever, and she was only sixteen. She was sexually assaulted and knew her attacker. She had injuries that made it hard for her to walk. She spent days in her room sometimes unable to process everything she was feeling emotionally and mentally. She spent her junior year of high school in and out of court, in the hospital, in counseling, and so much more. Despite how this could have broken her, she did not let it. She began to do the work. It may have changed her, but it would not define who she was. She made the choice to be a survivor.

This is not the story of a stranger, but the story of my child.

Survivors of sexual assault who publicly speak out create change in the silence that surrounds this crime. Makala's act of speaking out can end the false sense of shame that survivors often carry. Her hope is that she may cast off the shame and inspire others to tell their stories.

Join myself, Makala, and the rest of my family in celebrating New Chapter Days as we celebrate Mookie taking her power back, speaking out about her assault, and celebrating life.

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