The Importance of Fatherhood with Classiq

The Importance of Fatherhood with Classiq

How many times as a mother have you been commended for “sticking around” to parent and raise your kids? Personally, I have never experienced it. However, I have heard countless stories of black men, that are fathers, get kudos for “sticking around.”

We know why people congratulate black fathers: They are perpetuating the racist and pervasive myth of “missing black fathers,” which purports that black fathers are too often absent from their children's lives.

Classiq has made it his mission to shatter a stereotype that he knows is baseless.

He aimed to discredit the misconception of black fatherhood by focusing exclusively on positive stories, images, and videos of other black fathers.

This week on episode four of ReDeeFined the Podcast Classiq and I sat down to talk about life as a single father, coparenting, and relationships.

It is an intriguing conversation and will definitely shift your perspective and change what society has told you about black fatherhood and help rewrite the narrative of; black fathers.

Side Note: he also has some interesting views on relationships.

Tune in, to hear Episode 4 of ReDeeFined the Podcast.

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