Planted Not Buried with Dee McKoy (Part 2)

Planted Not Buried with Dee McKoy (Part 2)

Part 2:

2018 to 2019 I had the of my life. Everything that meant anything to me died. I felt defeated . ⁣

I remember asking one of my good friends “why me?”, she simply replied, “why not you?” I asked myself what the experience was trying to teach me. I had to change my perspective. I had to change my narrative. From that moment forward, when things got difficult, that was the first question I asked myself, "what is this teaching me?" ⁣

I had to believe that had something on the other side of THIS pain..⁣

ReDeefined the Podcast is a show that will showcase real people, who have gone through life changing and traumatic experiences, who many people counted out and said they wouldn't make it, but somehow they beat the odds and ReDeefined (get it, redefined?) themselves.⁣

Many people only see the end result of the storm, but they don't see the process, they do not see the struggle and I want to show them know matter how bad it gets, better days come; I am proof.

I love to share stories. I love to hear the lows, highs, and the growth. Truth is to tell anything that I have been through…scares me. I am like everyone else, I do not want to be judged, I do not want to appear like I am a victim, I hate looking back.⁣

But with this podcast, my prayer from day one has been to create a space that promotes ,transparency, healing, growth, and laughter. ⁣

I say all this to say, I have read the messages, I have read the DMs, and I finally gave in; yall won. Lol⁣

Join SPECIAL GUEST HOST, Destani of Destined to Dance Studio, in Anaheim CA as she puts me in the hot seat to hear my ReDeeFining moments. It was a walk down memory lane for both of us, but such an empowering moment for me. ⁣

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