Season 2 Intro: I'm Back!

Season 2 Intro: I'm Back!

January 2020 was the first time I spoke of the podcast. June 2020, I dropped my first episode. I did it afraid, I did it in doubt, I did it while thinking I was not enough, but I did it while telling “God, however you want these testimonies shared, I will do it.” Almost a year of speaking it, I have officially ended my first season. Boy let me tell you, it was hard. When I spoke about wanting to have a podcast in January 2020, I did not think for one second, that God would show out the way He has done this season. I say God because, I literally did not have the faith in myself to do the things ReDeeFined has done in such a short time.

We ended the Season 1 with 3,000-episode Downloads, 100+ subscribers, 300 Views on our YouTube Channel, and the opportunity to speak with Chuck Dizzle from Homegrown radio and Real 92.3 on an IG Live to discuss the podcast and what it stands for. I promise you it is not about numbers; it is and has always been about an act of Faith.

ReDeeFined the Podcast is an act of Faith.

As we start Season 2 I just wanted to touch bases with you. Most importantly, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being apart of my dream! Thank you for all the love; Thank you.

Now let's catch up.