A Moment with Dee

A Moment with Dee

McKoy Deyana <[email protected]>

5:23 PM (0 minutes ago) to me

June 19,2020 was the last time I did a solo episode. From my understanding in the podcast world that is way too long. However, my passion comes from talking to other people and hearing their stories. As my good friend Destani has said many times I am always asking someone “how does that make you feel?” This week I sat with the idea of needing to do a new episode but still wanting to remain true to my mission; be intentional, have people share testimonies, and be honest AND transparent in our conversation. Despite what many people think, having that kind of standard for a guest makes it hard to have people want to come on my show.

Well, I went to sleep knowing that I would not be putting out a new episode and that was okay.

Until at 12:30 in the morning, my spirit said get up and you do it.

Join me this week for a quick episode of ReDeeFined the Podcast. Where I bare a little bit of my soul. Where I stay try to mission of ReDeeFined the Podcast and I speak my truth.

Happy listening Family