Mom Shit with Miyoshi

Mom Shit with Miyoshi

There is no greater journey than Motherhood. It is confusing and it is filled with a ton of highs and beautiful moments, but it is also filled with many many lows. Sometimes you are going nonstop. You work 40 hours, you are running errands, take the kids to practice, and doing it all off of 4 hours of sleep, if your lucky. No complaining, sometimes crying, but never giving up. Truthfully sometimes you forget to pat yourself on the back and say "bitch you doin' a good job." There are also those other days, when you may have cursed too much, yelled too many times, and your patience..well what is patience?

If you know, you know. Being a mom is hard.

Join Miyoshi and I as we talk about everything to do with motherhood .

Men there is something in here for you too.

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