Yeah she's multifaceted - Aira Juliette

Yeah she's multifaceted - Aira Juliette

Hey Boo's welcome to episode 5 with a very special guest Beer Bad ass, comedian and podcasting princess Aira Juliette stops by the pod to bring us one of the most musically diverse playlisty with every song representing a different genre of music and a different time in poip culture history Neo for rnb , Lil wayne pre catfish dreads for hip hop and the heartfelt celine dion and Crytsal gayle rounding us put with country and pop classics. Listen for a great conversation about black culture and it's impact on all facets of music and a rewind to our millenial youth as we finally bring the disney wars to a close.

as always we close with a listener letter that proves that even in a quaratine yall are still as messy as ever

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