I burn for you- with Jenny Zigrino

I burn for you- with Jenny Zigrino

Hey Bae's

Welcome to another episode of Rhythm and Bae!

Wrere so excited to have today's guest, the oh-so-talented powerhouse comedian and actress Jenny Zigrino!

We talk about her love of vintage: fashion, furniture, and (of course) men! her top 5 songs Plus we celebrate the best dudes to ever wear ruffly shirts and hear Jasmine's most embarrasing celebrity crush

As always we take a very opinionated look at popular music history as we dive into this weeks Off the Record segment.

On todays episode we revisit the 2004 Nipplegate scandal and talk about how it affected Janet Jackson (as you can guess SOMEONE had a few choice words for JustinTimberlake ) and somehow that lead us down conspiracy theory rabit hole.

Then we wrap the episode with our advice segment as one listener begs the question “How soon is too soon to accept financial help from a partner?”.

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