Everyone goes through their Yaht phase- with Brandon L Johnson

Everyone goes through their Yaht phase- with Brandon L Johnson

This week we talk with Comedian and Gen X darling Pittsburgh's own Brandon L Johnson,

about weathering the pandemic virtually through Zoom shows, whether or not he would trade it all to become a rapper and he regals us with the tale of his first love. This week's episode is a love letter to 90's Hip Hop, We also talk about our fascination with labeling women “crazy” and take it back to the original Saturday Night Live trouble maker Sinead O'connor and her shocking for the time confrontation. And schools our host Jasmine Ellis on the craziest live award show moments.. Uhm seriously did everyone else know about Soy Boy?

We laugh along and toe the line between becoming a karaoke podcast and getting sued as we reminisce over Brandon's first crush, and the moment he fell in love with Yaht rock?? Yes that's a thing too

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