I'm trying to enlighten and enrich peoples lives... like a idiot- With Bri Pruettt

I'm trying to enlighten and enrich peoples lives... like a idiot- With Bri Pruettt

Todays episode is a catchup session between Jasmine and the incredibly talented Bri Pruett (You can do it with Bri Pruett -all streaming platforms) we talk about the magic of well presented weed and get philosophical about the magic of 90's radio, karaoke and whether sienfeld is correct in his assertation Says I have the polish of a young Wendy Williams and we talk about my history with radio

Speaking of history we delve into the history of parachute-panted hero MC Hammer. Everyone knows he went bankrupt at the height of the of his career, but today we talk about how and why and the money move that might leave us in the gutter if we got the chance

Bri takes us through the "Playlist of her life" segment regaling us with stories of her days a Karaoke hostess and even belts out a little diddy for us. We dig into what it takes to pick the perfect karaoke song and which pitfalls to avoiud when trying to move the crowd.

Then we wrap the episode with our advice segment as one listener shares their story of loosing their car in a very unglamarous un MC-Hammery way

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