Kool-Aid light Sugar- Chinedu Unaka

Kool-Aid light Sugar- Chinedu Unaka

Welcome to the last episode of season 1

this week we chat with Chinedu Unaka Co host of the Nosy neighbors pod on Spotify. On this epsiode We start with a history lesson that digs deep into how pare tal advisory stickers came to be and the satanic panic around porn rock in the 90's, Then Chinedu blesses is with a masterfully curated favorites list and the most hilarious impresioms in RnBae history. Finally we give our listerns some tough love onhow to talk to celebrities this epsiode is great fror a scenic drive or any other time you want to feel california cool.

Find Chinedu at https://linktr.ee/chineduunaka


P.S but don't fear season 2 drops July 15th! Listen for this weeks trailer