Put The Towel Down Atlanta- Mia Jackson

Put The Towel Down Atlanta- Mia Jackson

Hey Bae's

Welcome to another Rhythm and Bae this week we've got 3 fun segments for you to listen learn and laugh with

First, we kick it off with our History lesson Off the Record: Behind the Murders this week we're covering the impactful life and still very mysterious death of Sam Cooke. We discuss details from the documentaries that cover the story " Lady you shot me" and Netflix's recent release "The Two killings of Sam Cooke" a southern Girl herself Mia ads plenty of perspective and offers up some theories along with Jasmine's disclaimer worthy ones

Next, it's time for "Sound Track of your life" Mia shares the impact Erykah Badu's Green Eyes, Stevie Wonders Superwoman, Jill Scott's I need you, and Outkast/ Andre 3000's Prototype had on her life and which of her past relationships they remind her of

Last we share our most cringey song dedication moments as one listener asks how to confess they want to be more than friends via song.

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This is our second to last "Behind the murders segments" Before we switch it up next month with a totally new twist. Same funny, same sweet, same nosy same Rhythm and Bae



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