The first man to ever F**ck around and Find out with Ryan Torpea

The first man to ever F**ck around and Find out with Ryan Torpea

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We love that feedback so please keep it coming this week we brought back fan fave and occasional producer Rye and after chopping it up about the tightrope of balancing appreciation with appropriation in a Black American art form we dove right in for one of our most historic and educationally focused eps but don't worry Jasmine was still in here asking silly questions and making grown men describe their worst Emo bangs.

This week "Behind the Murders" takes on the story of Lee Morgan" a young Jazz musician who was struck down in his prime by his kinda-sorta wife/manager?? Why is Jazz such an untapped era of drama and theatrics? We answer that question and dig into the shocking past of the Harlem socialite who was pushed too far.

Then we talk to St. Louis's own Ryan Torpea a master Musician who has toured the globe playing the Trumpet, Piano, and guitar, about the songs that tell his story; Ryan grew up gifted both musically and fashionably as he transitioned from a 2000's Emo Kid to a bonafide rocker in a to a Jazz aficionado who can play anything

Throughout our "Soundtrack of your life segment, we also learn that band breakups can be just as soul-crushing as romantic breakups and talk about what it's like striking out on your own as a solo artist.

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