The Human Psychology Around Cyberattacks

The Human Psychology Around Cyberattacks

In this week's episode, the cybersecurity experts Bryan Hornung, Reginald Andre, Randy Bryan, and Ryan O'Hara with special guest Javvad Malik at J4vv4D discuss the topic of phishing & what Javvad notices is going on with these types of attacks.

Next, the team disucsses 4 tips security experts are saying will help protect thier IT employees from clicking on a link. Tune in to learn how to mitigate this human error!

Then, the crew review some of the top phishing scams this week relating to Costco, Ace Hardware, PayPal, Netflix, Truist, cPanel, and Microsoft. Would you have been able to spot these scams?

Lastly, the security experts discuss an article about a 65-year women who was scammed on Instagram because she was in love.

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