How Cybersecurity Impacts Your Business & Life

How Cybersecurity Impacts Your Business & Life

In this week's episode, the cybersecurity experts Bryan Hornung, Reginald Andre, Randy Bryan, and Ryan O'Hara discuss a new report on how hackers are selling access to 576 corporate networks for $4 million. The team will explain what they think these companies could've done to prevent this from happening.

Next, the experts talk about a threat actor who is behind this supply-chain attack which has injected a malicious code into a file that gets loaded by news outlets' websites and how to protect yourself if your a news outlet.

Also, the crew gets into an instagram influencer known as 'Hushpuppi' who has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for cyber fraud. Tune in!

Lastly, the cyber experts talk about Emotet malware operation which is again spamming malicious emails after almost a four-month "vacation." The team discusses what's going on here.

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