LastPass breached

LastPass breached

In this week's episode, the cybersecurity experts Bryan Hornung, Reginald Andre, Randy Bryan, and Ryan O'Hara discuss a wide range of cybersecurity topics currently impacting millions of people. In the show, the guys break down how and why the Password Manager provider Lastpass breach will impact millions in the coming months.

Toronto Children's Hospital provides more information about their recent ransomware event, coinciding with a joint warning from the FBI & CISA to U.S. hospitals. We discuss what that is all about.

As always, we enjoy updating our audience on past attacks, and Suffolk County has provided no shortage of lessons learned for cyber experts to dissect.

The crew then discusses the big deal with Okta Source Code discovered on Github.

And finally, the Electric Utility contractor data breach raises concerns over the security of the U.S. power grid.