17. Do Your Actions Match Your Goals?

17. Do Your Actions Match Your Goals?

Have you ever lowered a goal or target because you never acheived it or you think it's unrealistic? Have you ever thought, "I just can't motivate myself". In today's episode, I'll be speaking about how drive trumps motivation, and how to FIND the discipline to take action on your goals.

I will also be giving you my best tips on how to take INSPIRED action rather than taking action from a place of fear, control, and neediness. There's a big difference between taking massive action that feels forced, and massive action that feels inspiring to you. Tune in to hear more!


"Motivation is like a match. You light it up and it's going, but then it burns out. That “motivation” is just a spark. DRIVE on the other hand is like a big burning log."

"The difference between the successful and not, it's one attribute. It's discipline. It's the discipline to work hard and to WANT IT bad enough for their lives. Not when everyone is watching, but when the fans and the coach isn't there. When it's just you and your character."

"Inspired action comes from an internal nudge to do something. Often, inspired action occurs when you are following your heart and doing what makes you happy. It's a response to situations when you are being yourself and not trying to control anything."

"The action you're taking demonstrates the faith you hold. You won't know every step of the way, you just have to take inspired action and you will find your way to endless opportunities."


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