20. Taming Your Inner Critic and Redefining Perfectionism with Amanda-Marie Quintino

20. Taming Your Inner Critic and Redefining Perfectionism with Amanda-Marie Quintino

In today's episode, I chat with Amanda-Marie Quintino (but everyone calls her AMQ) about what perfectionism ACTUALLY looks like and means, and why it's not always a positive thing.

AMQ shares personal examples on how different aspects of her life helped her through her eating disorder, how society labels perfectionism and how it leads to feelings of disapointment, and how most of us - are procastinators!

Listen in for tangible tips and takeaways that you can apply to your everyday lives, and how to get over your own inner critic!


"The definition of perfectionism, is someone who has high standards, meaning they expect a lot from themselves in the day in/day out, and they completely LOVE when life is organized and orderly, trying their best at everything!"

"Culturally, we have been taught that perfectionism is something to be proud of. TRUE perfectionists are unlikely to ever experience feelings of satisfaction. Because they haven't reached the golden light of a flawless life. Perfect is more of an obstacle."

"Perfectionism can lead to procastination. Procastionation leads to inaction. Inaction leads to not saying nice things about yourself."

"Questions to ponder: Are the standards I set for myself reasonable or so unrealistically high that my inner critic is impossible to turn off? Do I see failures as lessons along the way or catastrophic setbacks, no matter how insignificant? And the one I am still a work in progress with… Do I allow myself to celebrate my success, or do I immediately place gaze on the next milestone ahead?"


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Book - The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells

Book - The Perfection Detox: Tame Your Inner Critic by Petra Kolber

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