21."It's Not Happening Fast Enough". How to Enjoy the PROCESS!

21."It's Not Happening Fast Enough". How to Enjoy the PROCESS!

We're so stressed out these days because we believe everything needs to happen RIGHT NOW! We want everything to happen instantly and live in a world of instant gratification.

Today's episode is perfect if you're feeling like you're not "there" yet, if you haven't hit this "milestone" quick enough that society places on us, or if you feel like you're trying to rush things. Let's break it down and learn how to simply enjoy the process along the way, with some inspiration to keep the long-term vision in mind!


"How can I get more obsessed with the process rather than focusing on what the process can produce?" - Kacia Fitzgerald

"Maybe you need to have 4 years of failure and learn how to NOT DO IT and once you have those beliefs and systems in place, you can take off."

"Everything will suddenly change for you. It will all happen. However, your number one focus right now is to continue making the changes and not give up on yourself. Keep watering your seed."

"Your mental reality is shifting, and soon, your outer reality will match." - Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed


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