26. Are You Hitting A Pandemic Wall?

26. Are You Hitting A Pandemic Wall?

Popping in for some REAL LIFE chats today, because I know I'm not alone on this. I've been feeling some serious pandemic fatigue lately. Not a ton of energy or motivation to do much, and quite frankly, everything is exhausting to me.

The point of this episode is to validate and RELATE with the people who might be feeling this way. Because it's NORMAL!

Gradually, things will change and you'll eventually feel like you can walk through that wall again. We're all in this together, and for some reason that makes me feel a bit better.


"We've been at this for a year now, and our fight-or-flight system - the emotional reaction to stress that has been otherwise energizing us throughout the pandemic - is totally overloaded. When that happens, the constant flow of adrenaline starts to drain and apathy settles in. It seems that we've all gone over that tipping point." - Huffington Post

"I don't know… Maybe I've hit the pandemic wall. Don't know if it makes sense to push through, climb it, dig under it, or just stare at it for a long time."

"Throughout the pandemic, however, we've been exposed to so many stressors that our system hasn't been able to catch a break. Cortisol is just pumping through our bodies at rates we haven't had to contend with before."

"Commit to doing one small inspired action every single day."


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