29. Define Yourself And Worthiness By Your Work?

29. Define Yourself And Worthiness By Your Work?

Today's quick PEP TALK is on a quick shift to implement to create a more MEANINGFUL life. If you identify and introduce yourself as your JOB, let's shift here. It's common to start to confuse their inner self and purpose with their job title.

You are not your work, your work is simply a part of you! Let's focus on these main SHIFTS so we're not confusing ourselves with our jobs and connect with ourselves on a deeper level and tap into our worth.


"Who are you when you're not attaching your job title to who you actually are?"

"If I didn't have a job right now, what would I define myself as?"

"There is a you that goes beyond your jobs and relationships, it's made of you and your unique view of the world. THat is your true center."


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