31. "Stop Sitting On The Bench" With Chris Anderson

31. "Stop Sitting On The Bench" With Chris Anderson

Let's talk about this philosohpy that my fiance (the KING of getting UNCOMFORTABLE) and I live by, EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE! With some tips from one of my favourite books by Marie Forleo.

We're going to speak to you all on helping you reach your dreams, and helping you face any obstacle you face head on with this one simple phrase that is SO SIMPLE that you can use in ANY area of your life.

We're also going to be giving you REAL LIFE examples about our lives and how every decision that we've made, has been when we're not READY. It's time to get off the damn bench, and start playing in the arena.


"You can do your best, until you can do better." - Marie Forleo

"Stop sitting on the bench. Say yes and figure it out later!"

"You have to be willing to let experience be your best teacher. Clarity comes from action, not from standing still."

"The secret is starting before you're ready. It's figuring it out AFTER!"

"If you are not the best, be the most consistent."


Book: Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

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