33. The Brain Science Behind Creating A New Identity

33. The Brain Science Behind Creating A New Identity

How cool is it that we can THINK about what we're THINKING? Stick with me. In today's episode I tie in my background of Psychology and Neuroscience to chat about making changes at the level of the mind and body that lead to lasting results in creating a new reality for yourself.

The more aware or you are about your unconscious thoughts and behaviours, the more that you can change/modify your habits, and the more you can pay attention to the emotions that keep you anchored to the past. Let's dive in...


"You think 60-70,000 thoughts everyday. Out of those, 90% of them are the same thoughts as the day before." - Dr. Joe Dispenza

"Toxic thinking wears down the brain. So when we make a poor quality decision - when we choose to engage in toxic thoughts - we change the DNA and genetic expression, which then changes the shape of our brain wiring in a negative direction." Dr. Caroline Leaf

"Most people need their environment to remember who they think they are. That means it's no longer that your personality is creating your personal reality… Your personal reality is creating your personality…" - Dr. Joe Dispenza

"If the brain can get worse by constantly focusing on the problem, then the brain can get better by understanding how to eliminate and replace the problem."

"You and only you are ultimately responsible for your thoughts, which effect your environment, your actions, habits, and this determines who you become."


Book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Book: Switch Your Brain On - Dr. Caroline Leaf

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