SoulTalk Episode 12: "Being You: Letting Your Light Shine, Part. 1"

SoulTalk Episode 12: "Being You: Letting Your Light Shine, Part. 1"

Hey there, and welcome back to SoulTalk by Mdrn Woman. This is a place where we as women gather to share stories about our lives that create a space of where we can all listen, heal, and grow from the experiences we share. I am sooo excited to be sharing a new series with you all. This series is all about the value of living authentically you, being yourself when it's easy and when it's hard. I am so honored to introduce you to a new, wonderful friend Hawi Bekele. I met Hawi about 6 months ago but before I actually met her I heard her as a co-host on another friend's podcast and saw her on a FB live stream. My first thought was “she's gorgeous" and my second thought was “I want to be her friend.” I so enjoyed this interview because Haw is real, she's got a pure heart and she radiates; she just shines. In the short time I've known her I could tell immediately that highly she values integrity and truth, she is positive and encouraging and she also celebrates the uniqueness in people in a way that is uncommon. So, I could not think of a more fitting guest for this topic than Hawi. I don' want to hold us up from this goodness so let's jump in. As always, please listen with an open heart and be ready to learn from another sister's experience as you listen. Alright, let's get to it!

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