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STAND UP FOR THE USA celebrates our American liberty and honors the men and women that sacrificed themselves for freedom. Home of our stand-up story of the day, and our epic song of freedom!

I'm Craig Singleton, your host. I was raised by southerners in an international city, where a good story was always the main attraction. I learned that storytellers remember our history and guide us with wisdom from the past. That a good story can change your life, it can guide you through times good and bad.

Join us Monday through Friday and we'll get to the truth about what's going on in our country today. We'll journey back in time and relive our incredible American stories! And we'll fearlessly share TODAY'S stories of brave men and women, like you, standing up for the USA. And we'll get you the information you need to take action against anyone trying to destroy our American freedom. All from an Artist's perspective!

Our first episode begins at the end! The end of 6000 years of human struggle. 6000 years of tyrannical Kingdoms, famine, plagues, and slavery! And yet somehow, our ancestors overcame the challenges of their time, and began to experience an enlightenment. All things had led to this moment, when an incredible new world of hope and opportunity was possible for the first time. And still, if it had'nt been for a few brave and brilliant men, our story, the story of the United States Of America may have never been told!

Enjoy the show.

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