Ep. 5 Acrobatics Arts United States Division Manager - Mark Nash

Ep. 5 Acrobatics Arts United States Division Manager - Mark Nash

Introducing Mark Nash! In this episode, Mark talks openly about how the pandemic has changed the structure of his division, as well as, his own personal life. You will learn how passionate he is about teaching the arts and the wonderful attributes that accompany them; creativity, communication, critical thinking, physical literacy and of course, the fitness aspect.

Mark is the US Division Manager for Acrobatic Arts, as well as an acro adjudicator, educator and certified examiner. He enjoys choreography and has won the Josephine-Hermene Schwarz award as well as received commissions to choreograph repertory and full-length works for various dance companies throughout the US. He was a professional dancer and has danced for Dayton and Cincinnati Ballets, and Ballet West.

Mark is also an eight-time Men's World Baton Twirling Champion, and has taught numerous world champions as well. He values education and has Master's Degrees in Business and Arts Administration, as well as many dance related certifications. Mark is also a devoted husband and father of three, and lives in California.


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