Ep. 9 From Performing Artist to Casting Director with Cirque du Soleil - Sarah Davison

Ep. 9 From Performing Artist to Casting Director with Cirque du Soleil - Sarah Davison

Sarah Davison's career as a dancer and casting director for Cirque du Soliel is nothing short of amazing. In this episode, she discusses the vital role of self confidence for performing artists as well as how important it is to have a plan when transitioning from one stage of your career to the next. Sarah is very passionate about supporting the next generation of dancers and walking them through these life changing events.

Sarah started her formal dance training as a dancer with her mother in Toulouse, France. After multiple prizes on the National scene, she obtained her degree in Dance and Choreography from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon at the age of 16.

Sarah then started her professional career performing with several neo-classical and Jazz companies in France before she came to North America as an original cast member of Céline Dion's A New Day. She continued to refine and broaden her experience in live theater in Le Rêve and lastly as a cast member of Viva ELVIS.

She has had the honor of being trained and working with many of the Dance industry, in many styles such as Ballet, Neo-classical, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop and Ballroom. She also has done several TV appearances such as “Dancing with the Stars”,” The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “The Jerry Lewis Telethon “and the “American Music Awards”.

Beside her busy career on stage, she has been a producer and project manager of many events in the Las Vegas area, as well as teaching classes and workshops all over Europe and in the Las Vegas Local scene.

In 2012, Sarah was nominated to the position of Dance/Physical Acting Advisor and Scout for Cirque du Soleil Casting in Las Vegas, and later was appointed as the head of the department. As a part of the Casting team, she offered her expertise to enthusiast athletes, artists and performers hoping to join Cirque du Soleil.

For the past year, Sarah has continued to offer workshops and classes to young professionals and in Universities in order to help them prepare for their budding careers.