Ep. 10 How to Approach the Topic of Body Composition - Jasmine Challis

Ep. 10 How to Approach the Topic of Body Composition - Jasmine Challis

Have you ever been concerned about someone's body composition but wasn't sure how, when or even if to approach the subject with them? Listen to this podcast as Jasmine Challis provides her professional opinion on this specific topic. As a registered dietician and nutritionist, Jasmine shows true compassion towards dancers, teachers and parents when it comes to the topic of body composition.

Jasmine Challis is an Accredited Nutritionist and Sports Dietitian on the UK Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) with a particular interest in dance. She has worked with dance students, dance teachers and professionals for more than 25 years. She has given group talks and individual advice to professional dance schools and companies.

Jasmine has been involved in Dance UK Roadshows giving talks/workshops on 'Nutrition and Dance Performance' and on 'Eating Disorders' and has run courses on these topics for dance teachers. She was nutrition consultant for the Dance UK Information Sheet on Food and Nutrition for Dancers and is co-author of the IADMS updated Nutrition Resource Paper (2016) and the Nutrition chapter in the IADMS ‘Dancer Wellness book published 2017.

Away from dance she has contributed to medical and dietetic textbooks and continues working with patients & clients both with disordered eating and other medical problems. Jasmine has also worked both with coaches and athletes, and has advised at national level training camps. She has recently completed a MRes in Sport and Exercise Science at Roehampton University.

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