Ep. 12 Tips for Cartwheel Rebounds and Roundoffs - Sarah Calvert

Ep. 12 Tips for Cartwheel Rebounds and Roundoffs - Sarah Calvert

If you are looking for some tips on cartwheel rebounds and roundoffs, you've come to the right place! Join Sarah Calvert on this episode of the Acrobatic Arts Podcast as she presents her philosophy and teaching guidelines for these two skills. Sarah has an amazing way of finding the fundamental essence of each skill and provides us with solid training tools that we can use in the studio.

In her early development Sarah split her time between gymnastics and dance equally then later dove into competitive rock climbing. The combination of these skills transitioned her to a performance career in stunts in the thriving Vancouver film scene. During her professional career Sarah studied Kinesiology and began her work as a dance educator and gymnastics coach.

After graduation she spent several years working as a rehabilitation specialist in a Physiotherapy clinic, designing return to training programs for injured athletes while training dancers and acrobats in the evenings. Sarah later returned to university to study contemporary dance and also completed a second degree in Education earning a ministry of Education - BC Teachers Certificate. In 2008 she completed her Masters degree in Coaching Sciences from the University of Victoria where she researched in the field of athletic motor development.

With a firm belief in continuing education Sarah has studied with various training organizations including the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA), National Coaching Certification Program – Women's Artistic Gymnastics - Level Three (NCCP), The International Dance Teaching Standards – Module Three (IDTS), Acrobatic Arts – Module Three, Alixia Flexibility, Ballet Blog, Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD), Zumba, and BCRPA personal training, as well as various other conferences and workshops in dance education and the movement sciences.

Sarah is currently working on doctorate research in Educational Leadership and can be found presenting as a guest lecturer at universities across Canada and Australia. She can also be seen presenting live worldwide with CLI Studios in Los Angeles. As a highlight of her career Sarah recently presented her research at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science in Montreal. Sarah enjoys working as a guest choreographer in both dance and gymnastics and is passionate about advocating for safe dance practice.