Ep. 27 Tips + Tricks for Beginner Handstands with Loren Dermody

Ep. 27 Tips + Tricks for Beginner Handstands with Loren Dermody

In this episode Master Teacher Loren Dermody give ideas for beginner handstands. Learn skills and drills for beginners in this exceptional lesson!

Loren Dermody envisions living in a world where everyone dances, loves, laughs, lives their passion, and listens to Prince every single day!

A renowned and sought-after coach and choreographer, Loren started studying dance, acrobatics, and baton twirling at a very young age in Regina, Saskatchewan. Throughout her competitive career she competed nationally and internationally in dance and baton twirling as an individual and in groups. Hard work and dedication brought her and her teammates incredible success including a Gold Medal at the World Baton Twirling Championships in Padova, Italy and recognition as inductees into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame.

Over the last 30 years, when she's not choreographing award-winning routines for hundreds of dancers and athletes in dance, baton and acrobatics, you can find her traveling the world, upgrading her certifications, attending professional development events, workshops, and conferences that keep her on top of the most recent developments and current trends in the industry.

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Studies from the University of Calgary, Loren is a CBTF Certified Coach & Judge; WBTF Certified Judge; Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher; ADAPT Jazz and Tap Certified Teacher; Certified RWID Instructor; Certified PBT Teacher; Alixa Flexibility Module 3 Certified Teacher; Acrobatic Arts Certified Teacher, Course Conductor, & Examiner; Level 1 Certified Trainer in the Genius of Flexibility Method; Level 2 NCCP Accredited Coach; Y.P.A.D Certified Teacher; member of IADMS; member of the Yoga Alliance; and a member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (Jazz & Acrobatics).

Loren has been with Acrobatic Arts since the beginning and is excited to contribute her creativity, years of experience, and her love for teaching alongside the most talented staff in the world!

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