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The Blatino Podcast

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Blatino= Black AND Latino! The Blatino Podcast is hosted by Black and Latinx's millenials Riaga, Stephanie, and Lance. This journey started when Riaga (The Blatino) and Stephanie (Latina) were having conversations about all things POC struggle with and are trying to overcome. Our Executive Producer and TURNT UP TV leader Lance Mijares joined us in content creation and has been naturally been contributing to the podcast. Join us every Tuesday as we talk about a variety of topics including: race/ethnicity, colonization, cutlure, music, realtionships and dating, generational trauma, Black cutlure, LatinX culture, being mixed race and ethnicity, immigration, education etc.

The Blatino Podcast is back after using Facebook Live for about 6 months. We are excited to have access to our original studio and ready to realease weekly content! Stay tuned and give us a like, share, that 5 star rating, and comment!

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