Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 1

Cultivating My Personal Power: Day 1

TW: Eating Disorder Mentions

Over the last 3 years I lost a lot of my mental and physical work.
You'd think it would have become more powerful as a LOT of amazing things happened to me and my family. However for some reason within my family growth I lost a lot of my mental growth.

My emotional welbeign and worth have dwindled into a state of berating my soul and body. So much that I break down daily over how I feel within my skin.

I've always wondered what it feels like to not be hyper aware of every inch of my fat, my rolls, my skin. What does it feel like to sit down and not immedietly feel like I'm crawling within myself?

I've never had that. Even at my healthiest.

This is a journey to empower myself.
This is a journey to feel good in my skin.
This is a journey to a whole new level of mental mindset.

Day 1 and I cried and broke down. I feel tired of beating myself up every waking hour. But this is day 1 of comitted growth and I want to share this journey with you. I am stepping into my power of choosing how I want to show up for myself.

Todays Reflection: I have the strength to change how I feel and react within my body. I am capable of changing what does not and has not been working to be the best version of me.