TCG Season 3 Episode 16 Karen Weintraub / Healthcare Fraud Shield

TCG Season 3 Episode 16 Karen Weintraub / Healthcare Fraud Shield

Karen Weintraub joins Sean to discuss Special Investigative Units, the state of healthcare, fraud and the what the future holds. It is so critical to understand that not all who work on the payor side are "Out to get you" and that in a lot of cases healthcare professionals like Karen are trying to refute allegations of misconduct. Take a listen and we are sure you're going to agree, this was a fascinating interview with a fascinating healthcare professional!

About Karen:

Karen Weintraub is the Executive Vice President SIU for Healthcare Fraud Shield. As EVP, Ms. Weintraub is responsible for the design and development of the company's healthcare fraud detection software products and services. She provides subject matter expertise on system design and workflow, business rule development, data mining and fraud outlier algorithms as well as SIU policies and procedures.

Prior to joining Healthcare Fraud Shield, Ms. Weintraub was the Senior Manager of SIU Services at GDIT and the Supervisor of Investigations for Health Net, Inc. and managed all northeast healthcare investigations for all commercial, Medicaid and Medicare business and claims of fraudulent activity.

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