The Energy Current Podcast

The Energy Current Podcast

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The Energy Current Podcast explores the shamanic path, energy healing, and non-ordinary reality. As we step into the current, even though we may not be sure where it will take us, we trust that we will get everything we need along the way.

Each week, Kim Lottes, Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Therapist, will offer wisdom, guidance, and experiential practices to help you tap into your inner world, access your ability to heal yourself, and journey to alternate realities where you can meet your guides and find your own answers within.

We are living in unprecedented times and many lightworkers have chosen to be here at this moment to bring about shifts in consciousness so that we awaken into a new world. If you found your way here, you are likely one of them. It is my hope that this podcast inspires you to begin or continue your spiritual journey so that you can remember who you are and offer your unique gifts into the world.

If you want to dive deep and explore the world beyond our physical reality, I invite you to step (or jump!) into the current.

*Please be mindful when listening to guided visualizations, shamanic drumming, and yoga nidra meditations. Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.*