The Financial Fighter Podcast with Tony Sablan

The Financial Fighter Podcast with Tony Sablan

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The Financial Fighter Podcast provides expert insights on the distinct challenges and opportunities relevant to the financial goals of healthcare leaders. Each episode showcases prominent figures in the healthcare field and their individual experiences navigating the financial side of their business and personal lives.

About Tony:

Tony Sablan started a unique dual career at an early age. He graduated from college as a teenager and began pursuing his passions of investing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. Although he was intrigued by the idea of becoming a championship fighter, Sablan found that his real interest was learning the advanced techniques that it takes to become the best. His commitment and tenacity to excel in both mixed martial arts and investing eventually led to his success as a trainer with world champions and the launch of his own wealth advisory practice. Tony specializes in helping healthcare entrepreneurs and practitioners with their unique financial needs.