Episode 21: How to Network

Episode 21: How to Network

In every business, especially in real estate, you may heard of the phrases “Your net worth is your network” or It's not what you know, it's who you know. These phrases tells us that it's important to network. In this episode of Grab the Map Podcast, Johnoson shares some strategies on how to grow your network in real estate or any other businesses.

Real estate is a relationship business. You need relationships with contractors, bankers, insurance agents, investors, buyers and sellers, with all kinds of people. You only get those relationships from networking. Here are some strategies to help you grow your network in your business:

#1 Reach Out to Your Existing Contacts


First thing you do is look at your current network. Look in your contacts, email, and your social media. Start to say hello to the people that you already know. Start to remind the people that you already know what you do, and start to let them know that you care about them. You don't have to immediately tell these people that you're a real estate investor. You just want to create and build genuine relationships where these topics are naturally going to come up.

The goal in networking is to create win-win solutions. It's to create relationships where you can help them and they can help you in mutually beneficial ways.

#2 Common Interest/s of Real Estate Investors


There are places where real estate investors go. There are things real estate investors like to do in common. These are conferences and meet-up groups, local events, social media groups for real estate investors etc. Real estate investors in one way or another have common interact with other people that have that common interests.

#3 Introductions


In networking, you really want to create some great introductions and you want to support your introductions as well. So practice in your spare time. How do I introduce myself to people that I don't know? Right? Remember, if you prepare, you often will feel less anxiety and less fear.

#4 Branding


When you're networking, it's all about branding. Think about how you can attract people to you, and how you are attracted to other people, because that's part of networking.

#5 Join a Mastermind Group


Join a mastermind. Get around people that are already doing the business that you want to do. Mastermind groups have lots of different people with lots of different experiences in real estate. You can bounce off things with difference people that are at different levels. Yes, it will cost time and money but it is also an investment. Joining a mastermind is a great way to network and find link-minded individuals. It will also take you out of your comfort zone.

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