Episode 22: Why Real Estate Investing Works

Episode 22: Why Real Estate Investing Works

In this episode of Grab The Map Podcast, Johnoson Crutchfield shares his insights on why real estate investing works and proven strategies on how to make it work.

Johnoson Crutchfield is an investor in rental real estate. He provides an online course on real estate success coaching and has a private Facebook Group called Mastermind Group with weekly success calls to discuss all topics real estate.

Show Notes:


More people have become wealthy and have grown their wealth from investing in real estate than any other investment tool. But is not something that just happened overnight.


Land is finite and it always has value. It is where we live in. It is where we build our houses, our businesses, different infrastructures etc. As long as we need it, and over the years, there's always something being built and developed on the land, it will continue to grow more and more in terms of value.

Here are some of the reasons on WHY INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE WORKS:

Land asset does not depreciate


- It is a proven strategy that you can buy assets and if you can hold on to them. The real estate that's being developed on the land might need some work, maintenance or improvement but the land value will continue to go up as long there are more people that are born and continue to have a useful need for the land.

No cap in the Income


- There is absolutely no limit on how much you can earn on real estate. It is not like a job that the money you earn is fixed. In real estate, if you're willing to build a business, willing to spend the time, and willing to network and grow a team, there is no cap on the income that can be created from real estate investing business. The potential is unlimited. It is all about the right mindset, work ethic, and sufficient education in the real estate business.

Real Estate Can Allow You to Borrow Money That is Paid Back by Someone Else


- There is no other business where you can borrow more money than with real estate. Banks love real estate. They call real estate as collateral to the bank. It is something that secures their loan. If you bring them a great piece of real estate, and you want to borrow some money, real estate is great collateral. You can borrow a huge amount of money from the banks, make the real estate your collateral, put tenants in them and have them pay your debt. The more tenants paying those debt payments, the more you borrow on good debt. And the more you have other people paying that good debt off, the faster, you will get wealthy.

If you are planning to invest on real estate and wants to get educated to be more prepared with a plan, visit http://grabthemapllc.com/coaching/. You can enroll in the online coaching to real estate success and you can also join their private Mastermind Group in Facebook for more discussions in the real estate business. Rates apply on the online course + Mastermind Group so make sure to check out their website! You can also email Johnoson at grabthe[email protected].

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