Episode 27: My Success Formula

Episode 27: My Success Formula

In this episode of Grab the Map podcast, Johnoson Crutchfield wants to talk to you about his Success Formula and this formula is something that he can think everybody can take advantage of to level up no matter what business you are in. He will tell us in this episode three steps to being successful no matter what business you are in and we hope this helps you.

[1:19] Three steps to be successful no matter what business you are in:

1. Get educated – know all the terms, all the definitions, and people that have been fundamental in real estate investing etc.

2. Make a Plan after getting educated – how much time are you gonna spend? how much energy are you gonna spend (how many hours/week)?

3. Hustle - when you have all those above mentioned.

[8:12] When John was the principal of a school he got educated by listening to podcasts after podcasts and bought a lot of books after books. Didn't invest in real estate by this time because he has to educate, plan, and hustle until he reached his success in life today.

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