Episode 28: People Who Think Small

Episode 28: People Who Think Small

Welcome to the Grab the Map podcast where we don't just look at it, we GRAB the map! John hosts this podcast each and every Tuesday. This week we talk about people who think small. We are building a community out on Facebook, Grab the Map is how you can find us. We like to hold rental real estate, we like to manage real estate, have it managed by a professional management company or self-manage depending on what works for you. I teach students how to get started, I teach students how to scale-up. Hope you'll join us in a class or mastermind.

[5:17] People who think small don't understand people who think big. People who think big think differently than who think small. People who think small set limits on what they can achieve. I am here today as you watch this video to let you know that there is no limit to what you achieve if you get educated, if you make a plan, and if you hustle.

[6:07] The reason that big players, big investors, and big entrepreneurs go really far and get really big and grow really successful is because they don't set limits on their achievement.

[11:08] You know, Donald Trump has his name on buildings on major cities across the world and I see his name on those buildings and I have to know he had to THINK HUGE!

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