Episode 30: Start a Real Estate Business Having Little to No Capital with Sean O'Rourke

Episode 30: Start a Real Estate Business Having Little to No Capital with Sean O'Rourke

Sean O'Rourke is a newbie in the field of Real Estate and considers it as a side hustle. Sean thinks long term and wants to create relationships that would benefit his business and create profit. His unique mindset enabled him to become very successful in the world of real estate with very little knowledge. Today he shares his experiences and how he managed to make himself successful.

[2:30] Sean's background: Sean always had that mentality that he needed to do something besides working the 9 to 5. He created businesses such as a decorative concrete business and got introduced to the construction side of Real estate. After dropping the business, he got employed at the company he previously worked.

[5:54] Getting educated about Real Estate: Sean engulfed himself into Real Estate where he listened to podcasts, watched youtube videos, and just educated himself on anything about real estate.

[6:28] Getting his First Deal: Sean actively calls from his list of Real estate owners. Without any background in Wholesaling, he got his first deal and made 750 dollars.

[10:34] Making himself better prepared than he was before: There are 3 different things that Sean is currently doing...

1. Paying off things that are not assets.

2. Making sure that he is Liquid

3. Diversifying the rental portfolio and multiple streams of revenue

[12:30] Saving and becoming Liquid: Through the business that Sean created with simple homes, the income drastically changed. But Sean's mindset is still unchanged where revenue or income has increased then his living habits and spending can also increase. He needed to be clear cut on a regimen for a certain period of time.

[17:28] Becoming Full-time on Real Estate and seeking advice from others: Sean quit his job to be Full-time on Real Estate. He then met a successful person that gave him confidence on what he wanted to do and he seeks advice and approval from people because he wants to be responsible and smart in the decision he makes for his business.

[20:35] The Factors that pushed him to Quit and the Opportunity: Sean had a goal even before the opportunity presented itself to him. His goal was to make 10, 000 a month in cash flow. He wasn't going to quit his job but two things pushed him to do so which was because of religion and because he was a bad employee at his job. So he decided to quit his job and go full-time on Real estate and became partners with businessmen who owned a multi-million business.

[23:33] Sean's favorite deal: Sean's favorite deal was with a lady whom he negotiated for a property that has been vacant for about 5 years. Not only did he make a deal with the lady but also managed to create a friendship with her. They also negotiated on another property that she owned. For Sean, he cared more about the person rather than the profit

How thinking outside of the box benefited Sean: Sean wanted things in life but he didn't have the money for it so he figured out ways to make it work and he took knowledge from listening to other people and getting ideas.

[33:37] How Real Estate benefited Sean's Life: Real Estate changed Sean's stress level which is one thing. The other is that he has an opportunity now. The real estate changed Sean's life drastically and has given him the flexibility to have free time if he wanted to. It gave him control over his time.

How to reach Sean O'Rourke: You can reach Sean on his social media platforms...

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