Episode 32: Time Freedom and the American Dream with Conrad Jackson

Episode 32: Time Freedom and the American Dream with Conrad Jackson

In today's episode of Grab the Map Podcast, Conrad Jackson, Top Producing Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX, discusses real estate and time freedom. Conrad is a veteran in real estate sales. He started when he was a teenager and built his foundation from there to slowly build his experience, reputation and knowledge. His strong emotion for filial piety, allowed him to work harder to ease the life of family. Listen to this podcast as Conrad shares his life journey towards success.

The starting point of Conrad's Real Estate Journey

[02:07] Conrad started his career as a teenager. He went to college for an engineering degree but went back home since he did not like it. A high-school friend of his introduced him to real estate when his dad was looking for an assistant. Conrad started his career as an assistant for a real estate agent.

Conrad's education

[04:02] Conrad did not finish his mechanical degree. He might have loved the school and the campus but engineering is not just his interest. He came back and enrolled in the University of Texas at Arlington where he changed his major to real estate. Now, Conrad has a Bachelor's degree in real estate.

Conrad's life-experience and advice as a beginner

[05:52] Conrad thinks his beginner days were the best as he was able to learn how to be successful. He learned directly from the professional as an assistant. He witnessed his appointments, how the business was run, and going to appointments. It gave him the ability to tailor what he wanted to be. Through that, he was able to create his own space, networks, manage his listings and do whatever he feels like doing.

[07:33] He advises people who are trying to get into real estate sales, that the best way to learn is to be an assistant to somebody who has been doing it for a while. You get to learn without having your license on the line.

Benefits of Real Estate

[08:25] Real estate is life changing as it brought us time-freedom of decision making. We have the freedom to make choices as opposed to being tied and have no flexibility on the job that you are dependent to.

[09:31] His advice is that if you can create some type of passive income, real estate is the best way to do that. You can set yourself up to not have much pressure making the day-to-day life decisions.

Decision-making process in a Real Estate investing

[11:43] Conrad believes that you need to have a system in place. He set parameters for each particular real estate investment deal and he is more interested in cashflow, where money comes in every single month. He looks for property and evaluates how it's going to cost him from renovation. From there, he gauges the price point accurately as a mistake would affect everything in a certain way.

How Conrad finances his projects

[16:17] Conrad started his career by borrowing money. He learned that if you have cash, you can leverage it to use lines of credit or get financing for the properties while still keeping the cash as a safety net.

Avoiding risk to avoid compromise

[18:20] Conrad avoids risking. He believes that his numbers would work and that he would trust the system he had set up for himself.

Conrad's long-term goals with Real Estate

[26:29] Conrad's goal is to create a sustainable business where the business grows by itself without him being there. He wants to take his time travelling with his wife and his family. Have his wife make decisions for herself on what she wanted to do and create a comfortable life for his children and make them decide the path they wanted to take.

The American Dream

[29:27] Conrad believes that the life he is living with can be attained by anyone. It is a dream available for everybody if you take action early.

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